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Data Manager – Work From Home

Posted 1 year ago
$90 - $100 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Data Manager from home
Location: Florida work from home
Company: Reddit 

Position Description:

We are seeking a manager to join the Ads Data Science team and oversee a small team of data scientists who specialize in machine learning and analytics. To improve the distribution of advertising and the auction process, you will collaborate closely with engineering managers, engineers, and product owners from our Ads team. This person not only possesses outstanding ML abilities but also a good commercial sense and an understanding of what matters to advertising.


  • You’ll create optimization algorithms to boost advertising yields and productivity. Due to the tremendous success of our optimization models over the past 12 months, we are boosting our commitment in this field.
  • You will play a crucial strategic role in determining the direction for the ML efforts for the entire Ads Org in addition to developing ML models. Your roadmap will determine our long-term plan for optimization and marketplace initiatives in addition to helping us meet our short-term commercial objectives.
  • Manage and develop a group of skilled data scientists with a strong interest in guiding their professional development.
  • CPC (cost per click), CPI (cost per install), Generalized pCVR (probability of conversion rate), ALO (Ad Level Optimization), and User Lookalikes are a few of the models we created during the past year. You’ll work on both creating new models from scratch and upgrading already-existing optimization models for a variety of upcoming product launches.
  • Create and enhance machine learning algorithms to match advertisements to the most pertinent users. Logistic regression, gradient-boosted decision trees, random forests, hyperparameter tuning, Thompson sampling, Monte Carlo simulations, semantic embedding models, etc. are a few of the algorithms and techniques employed.
  • Create a platform for feature engineering at scale and quick model iteration. Every two weeks, we launch some of our optimization models into production after iterating on them.
  • Participate in all stages of modeling, including conception, offline modeling, online implementation, testing, deployment, and post-launch monitoring/measuring.
  • Although there will be a number of similarities between this function and other Machine Learning Engineer roles, there will also be some key differences. The first is that you will focus on offline modeling and rely on engineers to turn your models into production-ready versions. In addition to working on ETLs and data aggregations, you will also have a great interest in the gathering and quality of underlying data.
  • By finding opportunities through in-depth studies and/or modeling, act as a thinking partner for product managers, engineering managers, and leadership in impacting Reddit’s monetization roadmap and strategy.
  • Ensure that advertising are configured in a way that enhances the advantages of your optimization models by working closely with our sales and marketing partners.

Required credentials:

  • a PhD or master’s degree in a quantitative field (e.g., mathematics, statistics, economics, finance, computer science).
  • Knowledge of machine learning
  • 2 years of prior experience managing data science projects or serving as a tech lead. willing to take into account applicants without managerial experience.
  • 5+ years of modeling or quantitative experience, preferably for a business or app that serves users
  • proficiency in programming and statistical analysis (Python, SQL)
  • knowledge of experiments and analysis of causal inferences
  • Though it is not necessary, experience designing ads optimization models is preferred.