Alma Remote Jobs

Does Alma Offer Remote Jobs?

Yes, Alma does offer remote jobs. Alma remote jobs include various roles such as Assistant, Head of Customer Service, and Coach​​. Additionally, Alma Mental Health Care has a history of supporting flexible work arrangements, including offering full-time, 100% remote jobs. These roles come with various perks and benefits depending on the position, such as health insurance, a 401(k) plan, unlimited paid time off, financial perks and rewards, and monthly therapy and wellness stipends​​.

Furthermore, specific remote positions such as the Operations Associate role in the Claims subteam within Insurance Operations are open to candidates across all US geographic locations. This position, for instance, is a full-time, hourly remote job requiring a 40-hour work week from Monday to Friday​​. Alma’s approach to hiring for remote positions is inclusive, actively seeking talented individuals regardless of their location, indicating a strong commitment to remote work and employee autonomy​​.

What are the types of remote jobs you can find at Alma?

  1. Customer Support Positions: These roles may involve assisting customers with inquiries, managing accounts, and providing general support.

  2. Claims and Insurance Operations: For example, the Operations Associate role in the Claims subteam is a typical remote position.

  3. Health Tech and Wellness Roles: These could encompass a range of positions focused on providing therapy and wellness services, possibly including therapy stipends.

  4. Administrative and Management Positions: Such as Assistant roles, Head of Customer Service, and similar management positions.