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Data Engineer – Blosckchain Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
$50 - $60 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Data Engineer from home
Location: California work from home
Company: Blockchain

Position Description:

A scalable and reliable data infrastructure that makes data readily accessible to the data science team and a wider audience via a variety of tools is what we’re looking for in a candidate. You will be involved in every facet of the data infrastructure as a data engineer, from determining existing requirements and bottlenecks to guaranteeing data quality and availability.

You will work closely with data scientists, platform engineers, and front-end developers to define needs, create new data processes for both batch and streaming data processing, and maintain and enhance current ones. We’re searching for someone who is passionate about reliable data and is aware of how it can be used to address pressing issues. The core of this function is being proactive in seeing problems, looking closely at their causes, and coming up with remedies.

What you plan to do

  • Upkeep and make improvements to the current data lake infrastructure and try to make improvements for future demands
  • Maintain and expand our current data pipelines and ETLs as well as our fundamental data infrastructure
  • Establish best practices and frameworks for validating and testing data to assure the accuracy and dependability of the data.
  • Create, develop, and use tools and data products for data analytics and visualization.

What you’ll require

  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science, applied mathematics, or an area closely connected to technology
  • prior employment in a data engineering project or position
  • Python fluency Previous experience with data processing and ETL pipelines Knowledgeable of SQL and no-SQL databases
  • excellent coding skills, especially with regard to Object-Oriented Object Programming
  • knowledge of Git

Good to have

  • knowledge of Google Composer, Kubernetes Engine, or Airflow
  • practical knowledge of the Google Cloud Platform
  • knowledge of other programming languages, such as Kotlin, Java, or Scala
  • knowledge with Spark or other Big Data platforms
  • knowledge of real-time and distributed technologies (Kafka, etc..)
  • 1-2 years of experience in a similar commercial capacity