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Customer Service – Remote Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
$20 - $30 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Customer Service from home
Location: Ohio work from home
Company: LIXIL 

Position Description:

The customer service advisor plays a significant role in assisting our company as we work to provide each customer with an exceptional experience. At LIXIL Americas, we view every interaction as a chance to make a strong and enduring first impression of our brand. Advisors respond to a variety of questions from direct customers and end users, including project site leads, plumbers, and contractors. These questions usually have to do with installing GROHE bathroom and kitchen products, such as faucets, shower systems, sinks, and toilets, as well as offering support for troubleshooting any already-installed products. American Standard Brands, GROHE, and DXV are some of the brands we endorse.


  • You serve as our customers’ initial point of contact, answering questions through a variety of digital touchpoints like voice, live chat, email, product evaluations & Q&A, SMS, social media, etc. while showing compassion for customers who look to us for guidance and knowledge.
  • Create connections with customers and tailor responses to their needs, such as installation instructions, parts and product issues, warranty and sales orders, refunds, etc.
  • Take initiative and make choices you think would improve the customer experience.

Change the world

  • Support every contact as a chance to promote the company and “tell the story,” motivating customers with first-rate customer service, fashionable attire, and product knowledge.
  • Consider your customers’ wants and provide them with “above and beyond” experiences.
  • Work together to find solutions that will enhance both the customer experience and business operations.
  • Develop connections that support brand principles and encourage customer loyalty.

The Right Thing to Do

  • Reach the management team’s defined quality control, productivity, and sales target goals.
  • Place orders for parts and complete products under sales and warranty.
  • Utilize judgment, original thought, and customer centricity to find solutions to problems that are in the best interests of the organization, the customer, and both.
  • Participate in team meetings, provide feedback on trends and insights, attend training sessions, learn about new products, and keep up with product updates, new promotions, canceled or high-quality service bulletins, product numbers, price, and other information.


  • An advantage would be an interest in DIY plumbing projects.
  • Problem-solver who is inventive and solutions-oriented
  • Future-focused, creative, and deeply committed to assisting others
  • has a strong sense of urgency, is proactive, and is self-motivated.
  • GED or HS diploma needed; Preferably with a college degree, or equivalent training or experience
  • at least one to two years of experience in a comparable position in customer service, as well as in retail, manufacturing, or hospitality
  • ability to work on numerous platforms and apps and is technologically knowledgeable
  • Being bilingual is advantageous.
  • excellent written and verbal communication abilities
  • Excellent time management and multitasking abilities.
  • Positivity, teamwork, and contribution to the group’s high energy are all strengths. Strong problem-solving and analysis skills are a necessity.
  • eager to learn new things and adaptable to a changing environment
  • proficient with Word, Excel, and Outlook in Microsoft Office
  • Flexible hours are required; Monday through Friday, 7AM to 7PM (8 hours each day).