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Customer Service – American Airlines Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
$30 - $40 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Customer Service from home
Location: Florida work from home
Company: America Airlines

Position Description:

Are you ready to discover a world of possibilities, both at work and in your spare time? Joining our American Airlines family will allow you to travel the world, expand your knowledge, and become the best version of yourself. You’ll face challenges with flexibility and elegance as you start on a new adventure, gaining new skills and advancing your career while having the time of your life. Feel free to enrich both your personal and professional life by jumping on board!

Why will you enjoy this job?

  • What you intend to do
  • Promotes and sells air travel to travelers and freight forwarders.
  • Aids in the check-in of passengers and the acceptance of cargo.
  • Interprets government rules and regulations governing domestic and international travel and freight movements.
  • Meets and dispatches aircraft within specified time frames.
  • Assists passengers and customers who are in difficulty.
  • It safeguards the company’s assets and revenue.
  • Allows for safe travel.
  • Physical ability and dexterity to use motor abilities to complete a variety of job-related tasks.
  • Uses organizing abilities to do several things in a short amount of time.
  • Is self-motivated and needs little supervision.
  • Responds to security and emergency situations and provides assistance.
  • Adheres to internal and external policies and procedures.
  • Driving and operating air stairs up to various types of aircraft to enplane and deplane passengers may be required.
  • Passenger Operation Control functions, including as air-to-ground communication, and Tower operations, may be necessary.
  • Depending on the airport’s location, this position may be required to work in a variety of weather conditions.
  • Customer Support Agents work shifts that include irregular and/or extended hours, weekends, and holidays due to airline operations.

Everything you’ll need to succeed

  • GED, high school diploma, or international equivalent
  • Some locations demand bilingual language capabilities.
  • Valid driver’s license, if required by local authorities
  • To qualify for unescorted access privileges to airport security identification display areas (SIDA), you must pass an FAA criminal background check.
  • If applicable, must be able to get proper airport authorization and/or US Customs security badges.
  • To satisfy company and security standards, a pre-employment drug screen, detailed background check, and/or fingerprinting must be completed.
  • Must be authorized to work in the United States.

Education and prior job experience are preferred qualifications.

  • Prior face-to-face Customer Service experience with Sabre or another Passenger Service System
  • Working in a high-pressure setting