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Customer Assistance Representative – American Airlines Remote Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
$15 - $20 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Customer Assistance Representative from home
Location: Pennsylvania work from home
Company: American Airlines

Although the purpose of this list is to reflect the current job, there may be other vital (and non-essential) work functions that are not mentioned. When other activities must be done or the job must be modified for operational reasons, management will do so while adhering to all applicable laws and any collective bargaining agreements.


  • Welcoming clients as they arrive at the ticket counter or enter the airport
  • Make sure the environment around the ticket desk complies with all safety regulations.
  • Helping customers use self-service kiosks for check-in and for processing their bags (e.g., printing boarding passes and receipts)
  • Maintaining and repairing kiosk equipment (e.g., load paper, clean surfaces)
  • Analyzing kiosk technological problems to find the root of problems or failures
  • Informing IT of any difficulties with the kiosk’s technology that need more maintenance
  • Checking that carry-on luggage is in compliance with FAA/American Airlines rules (e.g., size, quantity)
  • Examining and approving passports and other travel documentation for clients going abroad (e.g., using the Timatic database available in the kiosk)
  • Assisting clients with processing checked baggage (e.g., completing credit card transaction, self-tagging, verifying weight)
  • Ticket counter lineups that form according to departure times or the amount of help required (e.g., special assistance, to reduce volume of lines or wait time)
  • Taking client self-tagged luggage and activating it at the activation station
  • Moving luggage physically around the ticket counter area (e.g., move checked baggage to belt, move oversized bags to designated oversized baggage location)
  • Helping clients examine their big products, sports gear, and other assistance gadgets (e.g., verify adherence to appropriate policies)
  • When necessary, direct clients to customer service representatives.
  • Performing document screening and verification at kiosks
  • Helping non-ambulatory passengers move physically as they board, depart, or otherwise move around the gate and broader terminal area
  • Helping unaccompanied kids board, deplane, or use other forms of transportation
  • Providing gate details and directions to customers
  • Paging customers to remind them to return to locked baggage or to notify misplaced things (at some airports)
  • Undertaking potential extra relevant tasks as management deems operationally required in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement
  • showing up for work on time, as scheduled, and at the designated station or location, including for required overtime, different shifts, weekends, and holidays. Get training relevant to your career
  • Obey governmental directives (e.g., DOT, FAA, TSA)
  • Follow the company’s guidelines, rules, and performance expectations
  • If mandated by business policy, wear uniforms.
  • According to American standards, render professional, high-quality customer service.
  • Use several internal tools and platforms, especially when dealing with customers
  • Those with impairments who qualify may get reasonable accommodations.


Everything you need to succeed

Basic requirements include education and previous work experience.

  • GED, high school diploma, or equivalent internationally
  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Read, write, speak, and comprehend the English language with ease.
  • In some places, having bilingual language skills may be necessary.
  • Suitable, current driver’s license, as needed by the local government
  • Pre-employment drug testing, thorough background checks, and/or fingerprinting are completed in accordance with company and security regulations.
  • To be eligible for unescorted access privileges to airport security identification display areas (SIDA), if appropriate, one must pass FAA criminal background checks.
  • Must be able to obtain the necessary security badges from the airport administration and/or US Customs, if necessary.
  • Must be qualified to work in the United States.

Previous work experience and education are preferred qualifications.

  • Prior experience providing face-to-face customer service, working understanding of Sabre or any other Passenger Service System
  • Working in a hurried setting

You’ll receive

Please feel free to benefit from everything American Airlines has to offer:

  • Benefits of Travel: Are you eager to see the world? With our extensive global network, you, your family, and friends may travel to 365 destinations every day on more than 6,800 flights.
  • Health Advantages: You’ll have immediate access to your health, dental, prescription, and vision coverage to support your continued good health. And that’s only the beginning; we also provide flexible spending accounts, virtual doctor appointments, and more.
  • Wellness initiatives: Our wellness programs give you all the necessary tools, resources, and support because we want you to be the best version of yourself.
  • The 401(k) Plan: Offered at the time of hire and, based on the workgroup, after one year, employer contributions to your 401(k) program.
  • Additional Benefits: We also provide discounts on hotels, automobiles, cruises, and more, as well as our Employee Assistance Program and pet insurance.