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Bilingual Customer Service – American Airlines Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
North Carolina
$20 - $30 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Bilingual Customer Service from home
Location: North Carolina work from home
Company: American Airlines

Position Description:

Are you ready to discover a world of possibilities, both at work and in your spare time? Joining our American Airlines family will allow you to travel the world, expand your knowledge, and become the best version of yourself. You’ll face challenges with flexibility and elegance as you start on a new adventure, gaining new skills and advancing your career while having the time of your life. Feel free to enrich both your personal and professional life by jumping on board!

These are the essential job functions.

  • Welcoming customers as they arrive at the airport or in the ticket area
  • Check the ticket counter area for conformity with safety standards and procedures.
  • Providing assistance to customers with self-service kiosk check-in and luggage processing (e.g., printing boarding passes and receipts)
  • Servicing and upkeep of kiosk machines (e.g., load paper, clean surfaces)
  • Troubleshooting kiosk technology problems to determine the source of problems or mistakes
  • Talking with IT regarding kiosk technology concerns that necessitate further maintenance.
  • Checking to ensure that clients’ carry-on luggage complies with FAA/American Airlines policies (e.g., size, quantity)
  • The term “virtual reality” refers to the process of creating a virtual reality experience (e.g., using the Timatic database available in the kiosk)
  • Helping customers with the processing of checked baggage (e.g., completing credit card transaction, self-tagging, verifying weight)
  • Queuing queues at ticket counters are organized based on departure timings or the sort of help required (e.g., special assistance, to reduce volume of lines or wait time)
  • Receiving and activating self-tagged baggage from clients at the activation station
  • Moving luggage physically throughout the ticket counter area (e.g., move checked baggage to belt, move oversized bags to designated oversized baggage location)
  • Checking assistance devices, sporting equipment, and other big items for consumers (e.g., verify adherence to appropriate policies)
  • When necessary, forward clients to customer service representatives.
  • Conducting document clearance and verification at kiosks
  • Helping non-ambulatory customers with their physical movement while they board, deplane, or otherwise move within the gate and greater terminal area.
  • Helping unaccompanied kids board, deplane, or use other modes of transportation
  • Giving gate information and directions to customers
  • Conducting paging tasks (for example, announcing forgotten things or asking consumers to return to locked bags) (at some airports)
  • Performing such related activities as judged operationally required by management in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement
  • Reporting at your assigned station or location on time, as scheduled, including necessary overtime requirements, variable shifts, weekends, and holidays Completing job-related trainings
  • Follow all federal regulations (e.g., DOT, FAA, TSA)
  • Follow corporate policies, procedures, and performance expectations.
  • Wear uniforms in accordance with business regulations.
  • In accordance with American principles, provide exceptional customer service in a professional manner.
  • Use a variety of internal resources and systems, including during customer contacts.

Everything you’ll need to succeed

  • GED, high school diploma, or international equivalent
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Read, write, speak, and understand English fluently.
  • In some cases, bilingual language abilities may be required.
  • Valid driver’s license, if required by local authorities
  • To satisfy company and security standards, a pre-employment drug screen, detailed background check, and/or fingerprinting must be completed.
  • To qualify for unescorted access privileges to airport security identification display areas (SIDA), you must pass an FAA criminal background check.
  • If applicable, must be able to get proper airport authorization and/or US Customs security badges.