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Web Developer – Work From Home Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
$30 - $40 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Web Developer from home
Location: Arizona work from home
Company: SofterWare

Position Description:

We’re looking for a motivated Senior Web Developer to join our team.
The Senior Web Developer is in charge of integrating web technologies, adhering to established patterns and practices, and contributing to design, implementation, and technical delivery on our Web Development Team. They also bring our UX team’s designs to life within our numerous products.

Important Responsibilities

  • Complete technical deliverables in a high-quality, time-sensitive environment using a variety of technologies, including.NET, REST, MVC, HTML, Bootstrap, JavaScript/TypeScript.
  • Transform the UI/UX Team’s designs into HTML, CSS/SASS, JavaScript, and TypeScript.
  • Follow and advance front-end development best practices and standards.
  • Update front-end software to support quick UI creation and iteration
  • In an agile team setting, provide code.
  • Accelerate innovation through iterative development and fast prototyping.
  • Find and resolve any flaws, performance problems, or display problems.
  • Take part in a team environment that is transparent and extremely collaborative.
  • Work closely with UX designers to ensure they are aware of the potential and constraints presented by the technology.
  • Keep up with current UX and development trends, norms, and guidelines.
  • People with impairments may be given the opportunity to undertake these necessary tasks with reasonable modifications.


  • Mastery in API design and implementation, HTML5, CSS3, responsive applications, JavaScript, and JSON are essential requirements.
  • a great understanding of layout and UI/UX design
  • competent with contemporary JavaScript frameworks
  • Having expertise developing business-class systems with a multi-tiered architecture
  • knowledgeable about how to use a variety of software development tools, including database administration, source code control, and debugging tools
  • excellent sense of cooperation
  • Excellent communication skills both in writing and speaking
  • a strong background in object-oriented programming and an understanding of software design patterns
  • Experience creating and carrying out test scenarios and scripts for functional, regression, integration, and unit testing.
  • knowledge of the Agile and other common SDLC procedures