Full Time

Trader – Crypto Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
$60 - $90 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Trader from home
Location: Nevada work from home
Company: Nascent

The day-to-day management of our liquid portfolio will fall under your purview as a trader on our liquid strategies team. This will involve anything from spotting profitable trading opportunities to working together and developing new proprietary trading technologies and tools. To maximize the return on liquid assets, you’ll have the chance to choose from a wide range of trading and yield farming tactics, evaluate them, and put them into practice. You will be in charge of deploying into both directional and delta neutral strategies. You will also be expected to participate in ongoing conversations regarding the right amounts of funding to allocate to each strategy.

This is a chance to directly affect the bottom line of a multi-strategy crypto-native company with a strong VC presence, engineering, and incubation arm. If you’re a dedicated, ambitious, highly trustworthy, math-inclined person who wants to experiment and innovate in the crypto/DeFi arena, then this might be the appropriate chance for you. There will be no on-site work for this role; however, there may be coworking and colocation opportunities as needed.


  • Gradually assume responsibility for overseeing the daily operations of a liquid portfolio
  • For internal evaluation and decision-making, locate and pitch intriguing investment ideas.
  • Build new tools with the help of our elite team of engineers to expand our portfolio.
  • Improve trade concept implementation with meticulous, clear-cut attention to detail
  • Investigate possible investments by looking over the app documentation, contacting the founders, and looking through smart contract audits.
  • Manage and improve trading operations: establish daily/weekly processes for reviewing approvals and clearing off unused cash from exchanges.


  • You are an entrepreneur that does best in less structured settings where you have the freedom to be proactive and produce results.
  • You are as eager to complete a work as you are to find and recognize new possibilities to contribute value.
  • You are a self-motivated learner with native crypto skills who can quickly grasp and put into practice specified techniques, processes, and approaches.
  • You have a great deal of integrity and are quite meticulous.

Preferred Experience

  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Economics, and Mathematics with a BS+
  • Aptitude for mathematics, as well as aptitude for numbers and quantitative analysis
  • Excellent investment and idea development skills, as well as the capacity to explain and troubleshoot plans and methods
  • Scripting language knowledge, especially in Python
  • Basic knowledge of DeFi projects, markets, and protocols
  • Crypto experience or interest is preferred but not necessary.