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Systems Engineering – CVS Remote Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
$34 - $67 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Systems Engineering from home
Location: Pennsylvania work from home
Company: CVS Health


The Senior Analyst, Systems Engineering (BA) will serve as the main point of contact between the leadership and the ETS team.

  • Analyzing corporate procedures, foreseeing needs, identifying opportunities for development, and creating and implementing solutions
  • Directing ongoing evaluations of corporate procedures and creating optimization plans
  • Keeping abreast of process and IT innovations to automate and modernize systems
  • Holding conferences and presenting conclusions during meetings
  • Recording and sharing the outcomes of your work
  • Assembling vital data from discussions with many parties and providing helpful reports
  • Collaborating closely with ETS leadership and staff
  • Making sure solutions satisfy the demands and needs of the business
  • Project management, creating project planning, and performance evaluation
  • Updating, carrying out, and upholding procedures
  • Keeping track of deliverables to ensure that projects are finished on schedule

The usual pay scale for this position is as follows:

33.65 minimum; 67.31 maximum

Please remember that this range represents the salary range for every position in the job grade that this position belongs to. The location is just one of several variables that will be considered when determining the actual compensation offer.


  • A Bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science, information technology, or a closely related technical subject, or its equivalent in another country, and six years of experience
  • Strong work ethic, aptitude for quick learning, and capacity for accountability
  • Ability to operate in a fast-paced, demanding workplace and perform effectively under pressure in a team