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System Engineer – Remote Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
$60 - $70 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: System Engineer from home
Location: California work from home
Company: MediaMath

Position Description:

The Tooling SME will be in charge of the strategy, execution, and management of the monitoring and deployment toolkits essential to the day-to-day operations of MediaMath’s engineering organization as a senior member of the Operations team. This is a tech-lead position that entails acting as the internal point of contact for maintenance events, rollouts, and incidents as well as supervising other systems engineers that are supporting these technologies. Additionally, this engineer will work closely with development teams to collect requirements and support the deployment of these toolkits for vital business services.


  • Participate actively in the revamping of MediaMath’s tooling strategy as a member of the operations team by establishing pain points, requirements, and priorities with stakeholders from throughout the organization in order to unite and standardize this toolset.
  • Internal development tools are routinely managed and administered, including deployment technologies like CircleCi, Chef, Artifactory, Jenkins, Rundeck, Github, and monitoring tools like Prometheus, statsd/carbond, Sumologic, catchpoint, PRTG, Grafana, and Pagerduty.
  • Assume the role of service owner for self-hosted tools, which includes installing suitable monitoring, managing release and incident management, providing internal communications, and capacity planning.
  • Create Proofs of Concept (PoC) to evaluate new tools, and take the helm for any ensuing production rollouts and migrations.
  • Support the internal development community with implementation and best practices for technologies maintained by operations, as well as training sessions, templates, and documentation.
  • Consult with and engage with other working operations groups to meet team deployment and monitoring demands.
  • serve as the daily point of contact for talks with vendors regarding associated tooling.
  • Analyze consumption and make suggestions to management to help with contract negotiations.
  • Build internal procedures enabling Ops-managed toolkits, such as growth & onboarding, resource tracking & capacity management, maintenance events, and incident mitigation, in collaboration with operational leadership.
  • When it’s feasible, use SSO for internal tools.
  • Support the annual audit process with necessary recertification and correction.
  • Control up to two other engineers’ daily maintenance of internal tools under Ops management.
  • As a member of the bigger operational team, take part in the on-call rotation.
  • Qualifications

Experience specific to a role:

  • functioning at scale with at least one config management tool set (Chef ideal)
  • working knowledge of common deployment toolkits (CircleCi, Jenkins, Artifactory)
  • Experience with Prometheus, statsd, and carbond monitoring stack service-level support
  • utilizing Prometheus and Grafana to gather and analyze metrics for service level monitoring
  • Experience building, deploying, monitoring, and continuing service maintenance for self-hosted services (Prometheus or statsd stacks ideal)
  • experience identifying needs and developing solutions with internal stakeholders.
  • interaction with the account and support teams of vendors.
  • having experience managing junior engineers’ day-to-day tasks.