Full Time

System Engineer – Crypto Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
New York
$70 - $100 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: System Engineer from home
Location: New York work from home
Company: Nethermind


Running hybrid infrastructure will be your responsibility as an SRE/System Engineer. You are prepared to leverage industry best practices for infrastructure automation, security, monitoring, and observability to upgrade and expand the multi-cloud hybrid platform that supports our increased number of deployments.

  • Many procedures in infrastructure environments running on various platforms and operating systems are subject to your responsibility (AWS, Azure, GCP, Private Clouds and On-Prem).
  • Be in charge of assessing the business requirements and creating numerous designs to complete the given projects.
  • drive operational best practices and contribute systems knowledge. Setting up and maintaining the performance monitoring system.
  • Build a world-class hybrid platform with your coworkers from throughout the company.
  • Develop automation methods and encourage the deployment of automated processes across all infrastructure components.
  • Fill in for support as needed.


  • For this position, you must have (or should have) familiarity with IAC running on several platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP, Private Clouds, and On-Prem).
  • Windows and Linux system monitoring and upkeep.
  • installation, configuration, and upkeep of servers.
  • installation, upkeep, and setup of next-generation firewalls.
  • High availability in the design and implementation.
  • proactive analysis of infrastructure performance and capacity.
  • restoring and backing up the system.
  • ensuring that security tools and systems are operational and enhanced for preventative cyber defense.
  • automating business processes.
  • Provide as an example of technical proficiency, helpfulness, learning facilitation, and teamwork.

A nice set of abilities

  • It will be preferred if you have experience managing data centers.
  • Knowledge of security-related technologies, including PKI management, Teleport, SSL certificates, and Fortinet.
  • Practical knowledge of networks, network administration, and network setup.
  • Hands-on experience with Docker and/or Kubernetes for container orchestration.
  • CI/CD tool experience with Octopus, Bamboo, Jenkins, GitLab, and TeamCity.
  • Bash, PowerShell, Python, Perl, or other scripting knowledge.

Benefits and perks:

  • Utterly remote
  • Hours of flexibility plus equity