Full Time

Software Engineer – Work From Home in Chicago

Posted 1 year ago
$15 - $20 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Software Engineer from home
Location: Chicago works remote at home
Company: Block

Position Description:

As a Software Engineer in the Frameworks team, you would join a group tasked with providing the shared code used by every Block team to develop backed apps. These include integrations for a/b experiments, feature flags, logging, monitoring, service-to-service communication (RPC & REST), administrative user interfaces, cron jobs, databases, job queues, and more.

Block’s engineering teams rely on these capabilities to rapidly create new features, ship apps to production securely, and monitor application analytics. This team reports to the Foundational Engineering organization, which ensures that the product development process is not only rapid and efficient, but also enjoyable.


  • Contribute to complicated initiatives with enterprise-wide influence
  • Maintain and develop the Ruby engineering community’s service frameworks
  • Translate functional and technical requirements into architectural and design specifications
  • Improve the scalability of micro services utilized by millions of users across multiple international marketplaces
  • Collaborate in cross-functional positions with company-wide stakeholders
  • Provide design reviews for technical teams working with our frameworks within Square.


  • 2+ years of professional experience in software development
  • Collaboration demonstrated with coworkers on cross-functional teams and in other places.
  • Strong knowledge of Ruby and/or Rails


  • Java, Ruby
  • Go Protocol Buffers
  • DynamoDB, Redis, Aurora
  • Kubernetes, YAML, Terraform