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Software Engineer – Stay At Home Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
$30 - $40 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Software Engineer from home
Location: Texas work from home
Company: AT&T Services

Position Description:

AT&T Services, Inc. is seeking a Senior Software Engineer- Data Science in Dallas, TX (and various unanticipated locations throughout the US/may work from home) to develop examples, prototypes, and demonstrations to assist management in understanding how data and value can be extracted by leveraging various technologies.


  • Offer subject matter expertise and hands-on data science project delivery. Collaborate with key corporate stakeholders to understand their needs and build solutions that meet them. Conduct diverse applied statistical studies end-to-end from problem description through to data extraction, analysis, and insight production. To answer business challenges, develop and apply relevant mathematical models, algorithms, machine learning models, and statistical methodologies. Analyses and prototypes must be complete, accurate, and reproducible. Troubleshoot data anomalies and technological problems. Contribute to technical design, production code, and library sharing. In charge of fine-tuning the search algorithm. To increase search relevancy, create and refine machine learning models and employ advanced NLP features within search engines. Personalization data should be integrated for a more personalized search experience. Build and manage search index pipelines, as well as debug indexing and search relevancy concerns. SOLR search technique is used. Make use of Time Decay and signal amplification. Make use of Python, SQL, and Power BI. Carry out data-driven A/B tests.


  • A Master’s degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering, or a foreign equivalent degree, is required, as well as two (2) years of experience in the job offered or two (2) years of experience performing search technology SOLR; utilizing Time Decay and signals boosting; utilizing Python, SQL, and Power BI; and performing running data centric A/B tests.