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Software Engineer – Stay At Home Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
$40 - $50 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Software Engineer from home
Location: Washington work from home
Company: Smartsheet 

Position Description:

Do you desire a job where your efforts directly impact the company’s success? Will you establish yourself at Brandfolder? Our crew is enthusiastic, inquisitive, eager, and humble. We believe in having fun both inside and outside of the workplace, as well as being open to expanding and evolving our culture as our team expands. We recognize that each interaction and chance for feedback helps us grow as individuals and as a group. We face the issues ahead of us as a team and work together to solve them; for more information, visit our blog at https://brandfolder.team.

You’ll Do:

  • Configuration modifications should be implemented using Infrastructure as Code (terragrunt, terraform)
  • As a significant component of the role, I enjoy building and maintaining Terraform modules.
  • Evolve Kubernetes settings and promote best practices for large-scale operations.
  • Advocacy architecture design for gentle scaling in a rapidly developing organization.
  • Handle large-scale database architecture that is always increasing data availability.
  • Develop CI/CD deployment tools for a variety of cloud-native managed services (Google Cloud Run, Google Kubernetes Engine)
  • Continually increase observability, metric gathering, and service monitoring.
  • Promote database health with team members in order to enable ongoing performance and growth.
  • Promote best practices in security across infrastructure and application surface areas.
  • Improve and debug Python, Golang, and Ruby application code Utilize cloud services on Google Cloud Platform
  • Supervise critical work independently.

You’ve got:

  • 6+ years of software engineering experience
  • 4+ years of cloud infrastructure (AWS, GCP, Azure) and DevOps experience
  • A positive mindset as well as the capacity to thrive in a fast-paced atmosphere are required.
  • familiarity with scripting languages and the use of code to address problems
  • High aptitude for learning new tools and technologies; ability to own the entire development lifecycle
  • Have a strong interest in troubleshooting and problem solving in a production environment.
  • Good ability to work independently as well as cooperatively
  • A bachelor’s degree or comparable practical experience in computer science, engineering, or a related subject.
  • Legally permitted to work in the United States on an ongoing basis