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Software Engineer – Remote Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
$30 - $40 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Software Engineer from home
Location: Texas work from home
Company: Mozilla 

Position Description:

The Common Voice project, which seeks to influence the direction of voice AI, is among the most notable examples of this. The majority of languages, dialects, and demographics are ignored by voice AI. The goal of this project is to create freely accessible data sets for voice technology driven by machine learning. The main component of this project is a platform that enables volunteer language communities and individuals to “give their voice” to an open data set that anybody may download for either commercial or non-commercial use.


  • Create code for the Common Voice platform and dataset in Typescript, NodeJS, MySQL, and Python.
  • Shape and inform all facets of the product roadmap in collaboration with the product lead.
  • Support and mentor the team’s other engineers.
  • Together with the community manager, learn about the large and diverse group of software developers, language activists, and data scientists who use and contribute to Common Voice globe.
  • Build and deploy prototypes and experiments that test experience concepts in conjunction with designers. You will contribute to the planning of iterations that use standard approaches for responsive and accessible design.
  • Work together with other engineers and developers as a member of a distributed, global open source development team. Technical decision-making, code reviews (both receiving and giving), interaction with contributors, planning, and other cooperative techniques will be required.
  • oversee the development of engineering plans and architecture documentation with the entire team.
  • Establish a culture of transparency and trust within your team by communicating with them frequently and carefully.
  • Participate in agile software development techniques like daily standups, sprint planning meetings, demos, retrospectives, and sprint-based development cycles. In some cases, you might even help lead them.

Required credentials:

  • a drive to create high-impact, high-quality products, platforms, and experiences.
  • a minimum of four years of professional experience working in full stack web development, ideally in a team or organization that focuses on products.
  • a passion for AI or voice technology.
  • proficiency in HTML, CSS, JS, and TypeScript, as well as knowledge of Node.js and React
  • Experience with highly scalable distributed systems hosted on cloud providers Experience with data access and pipeline tasks, including creating and enhancing infrastructure for ingesting, storing, and transforming data (e.g. AWS and GCP)
  • proficiency with data structures and web application architecture.
  • a person’s capacity to transform design direction, style guides, and wireframes into polished, production-ready visual experiences.
  • a user-centered strategy with a strong desire to work with and meet the demands of a community.
  • Understanding the importance of accessibility in implementation and being open to working with designers to provide inclusive experiences.
  • Very good communication skills—you listen to others and voice your thoughts.
  • Working in diverse teams with both technical and non-technical members while having a great regard for the various abilities each person brings.
  • a desire to keep learning and developing on a professional and personal level.
  • Ideally, you should have expertise working with contributor or community engagement tools or have a lot of personal involvement in open source projects and communities.