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Software Developer – American Airlines Remote Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
$70 - $100 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Software Developer from home
Location: Texas work from home
Company: American Arilines

All degrees of software developers are needed by American Airlines. We anticipate you to have empathy for customers in your role as a software developer for American Airlines. American Airlines thinks that taking care of people, whether they are customers or team members, is what we are here to do. Teams should use that care as a direction for their activities and creations. You will design amazing experiences at American Airlines as a developer on a product team. From design to production, your team is responsible for the experiences provided to millions of customers and more than 100,000 team members.

Our objective is to provide an engineering-focused workplace that is enviable. But what does that imply? Communication flows, deployment is painless, you have a powerful voice, we experiment with our products, and we take use of new technologies to continually improve how we work. Of course, we also want to ensure that we are enjoying ourselves, working with fantastic people, and showing them care.

Reasons to love this job

American Airlines’ top software developers are successful in three areas in particular:

Delivery of Software Product Mindset Growth Mindset
Application Development Teams at American Airlines look for ways to make every day work better. This entails examining delivery indicators objectively and considering what we can do to make them better. We anticipate a team to reflect on why their deployment frequency has dropped over the past month and to come up with a plan of action to address the issue collectively and independently. In other words, we encourage everyone to put effort into advancing both their personal and professional practices and their products.

You will participate in every stage of the product lifecycle and develop your lean product development abilities. We anticipate that our engineers will work diligently as true partners to address business issues. We enjoy finding simple answers and gathering information to make inferences.

Our staff are always studying in order to develop fresh solutions and test fresh theories. Failures are accepted as teaching opportunities, and we use those lessons to strengthen our systems’ resilience.

The job entails a mix of technical tutoring and practical development activities, depending on level. No matter their skill level, all software developers regularly write code.


  • Responsible for software delivery as well as motivating the group to adopt fresh attitudes and methods of operation based on continuous observation and prompt feedback.
  • In collaboration with the appropriate team members, facilitate team rituals.
  • Determine where technical and agile processes are lacking and work together to fill those gaps.
  • Determine deliberate strategies for challenging the status quo, and then direct tests on alternatives with the goal of enhancing customer value or gaining new knowledge, or both.
  • Cultivate soft skills (communication, business orientation, adaptability, constructive feedback). Utilize established techniques, such as pair programming. In collaboration with the delivery manager, look for chances for learning and development. suggest personal development avenues when working with the delivery manager.
  • Help the delivery manager identify and remove team obstacles (as needed).
  • Encouraging the team to work on fresh concepts and emergent, iterative design is taking part in the Squad’s architecture and software design. focuses on, if necessary, making a good case against solutions that are not appropriate.
  • To support the overall Squad delivery, partners with the Product Owner as necessary (presenting Playback, maintaining the focus on business value, etc.).
  • a strong desire to learn and the capacity to admit your mistakes and express your fragility
  • Everything you need to succeed


Minimum requirements:

At least three of the following are necessary.

  • Knowledge of at least one object-oriented language that has been shown
  • A minimum of one web framework with proven expertise, ideally one like Spring, Spring Boot, or ASP.NET Core
  • SQL expertise and the capacity to create relational database schemas
  • The capacity to use shell commands in a Linux/Unix environment
  • The ability to carefully examine applications and services to make sure they comply with security standards

Preferred Requirements

  • Constructing business-critical, large-scale distributed systems for the Internet or high-volume client/server networks
  • Experience utilizing source control management systems Ability to operate as a team member while always keeping the team’s purpose in mind
  • Exposure to using environments for continuous integration and deployment
  • Knowledge of delivering software utilizing agile methodologies such as scrum, kanban, or extreme programming
  • Experience with any of the following products:
  • Development that is test-driven (TDD)
  • Evaluation Pyramid
  • Parallel processing and concurrency
  • Optimization, performance profiling, and debugging
  • Application development paradigms for services and objects
  • Computer science, computer engineering, or a similar discipline as a Bachelor’s degree, or comparable experience
  • Internally driven and capable of working both independently and in a team setting
  • Able to communicate effectively and comfortably with both internal team members and external business stakeholders
  • Ability to improve and streamline processes, systems, and solutions creatively without becoming caught up in bottlenecks or roadblocks

If you additionally possess at least four of the following, we may also consider hiring you for a Senior post.

  • Having led and managed small- to medium-sized development teams with five to twenty-five developers
  • Prior involvement in starting a technology firm or working as a founding engineer there from concept through MVP and subsequent releases
  • Prior work experience as a designer, product owner or manager, or in a managerial capacity (marketing, sales, finance, etc.)
  • CI/CD (Jenkins) pipeline building skills and production DevOps expertise
  • Knowledge of creating shell scripts for production in a Linux/Unix environment
  • Full Stack Development expertise
  • Knowledge of and expertise with the following technologies:
  • Java, JSP, JMS, JAXB, JDBC, and EJB are J2EE technologies.
  • Hibernate, Oracle, Object/Relational Mapping, and query performance tuning are database and persistence frameworks.
  • Development on the cloud: Cloud Foundry
  • Web servers: Websphere, Tomcat, and tcServer
  • REST/SOAP (JSON/WSDL/XML) web services
  • Frameworks: Spring Boot and Spring Framework
  • Front-end: Ext JS, jQuery, CSS, Angular JS, and AJAX
  • Tools for building and deploying software: Maven, Gradel, Git, Junit, Mockito
  • Selenium, Nexus Repository, Hygieia, SonarQube, Fortify on Demand, GitHub, Jenkins, ElasticSearch, Logstaash, Kibana, and New Relic are more Dev Ops toolchains.
  • Other: JavaScript, IBM MQ/Rabbit MQ, Tivoli Scheduler, SQL Developer, Linux/Unix shell Scripting, IDE
  • Knowledge of object-oriented design ideas and techniques
  • A working knowledge of Microsoft Office tools (Project, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Knowledge of agile approaches like SCRUM
  • Knowledge of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment as well as other DevOps Toolchain methods

You’ll receive

Please feel free to benefit from everything American Airlines has to offer:

  • Benefits of Travel: Are you eager to see the world? With our extensive global network, you, your family, and friends may travel to 365 destinations every day on more than 6,800 flights.
  • Health Advantages: You’ll have immediate access to your health, dental, prescription, and vision coverage to support your continued good health. And that’s only the beginning; we also provide flexible spending accounts, virtual doctor appointments, and more.
  • Wellness initiatives: Our wellness programs give you all the necessary tools, resources, and support because we want you to be the best version of yourself.
  • The 401(k) Plan: Available at the time of hire and, based on the workgroup, after one year, employer contributions to your 401(k) program.
  • Additional Advantages: Our Employee Assistance Program, pet insurance, and savings on hotels, automobiles, cruises, and more are other fantastic advantages.

At American, be free to be yourself.

Inclusion and diversity are the cornerstones of American Airlines’ dynamic workforce, from the team members we hire to the clients we serve. Our 20+ Employee Business Resource Groups are dedicated to helping our team members reach their full potential, establishing an inclusive workplace to meet and exceed the demands of our varied global community, and connecting our team members to our customers, suppliers, communities, and shareholders.

Are you prepared to contribute to the seamless operation of the largest airline in the world as we look after people as they travel through life and experience a great deal of pride and happiness in doing so? You may be who you are at American.