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Security Specialist – Target Remote Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
New Jersey
$15 - $16 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Security Specialist from home
Location: New Jersey work from home
Company: Target

Assets Protection (AP) teams work to maintain the safety and security of our visitors, team members, and brand while providing crisis management. In order to ensure that the product is available for our guests, they secure profitable sales by reducing the likelihood of shortages and by detecting, investigating, and resolving theft and fraud.

At Target, we think it’s important for our team members to have memorable experiences that advance their professional development. As a Target Security Specialist, you can expect to receive the following benefits:

  • Knowing how to use intelligence-led strategies to protect team members and visitors
  • Experience with crowd control, safety, and crisis response; offering assistance to both visitors and team members
  • skills in de-escalation and knowledge of recovering stolen goods to avoid lack
  • Using Target’s video surveillance system and using industry case management systems to correctly document cases


No two days are ever the same for a Target Security Specialist, but the following duties are most likely to be present on a regular day:

  • Assist sales by making customers feel welcome and interacting with team members and customers on the sales floor; assist customers in locating the products they are looking for both in-person and online.
  • Establish and uphold safe and secure standards across the shop, including external property, to foster a culture of physical security for our team members and visitors.
  • React to and precisely record security situations
  • To ensure a secure environment for our team members and visitors, we must comprehend and use escalation methods for guest complaints.
  • By carefully adhering to AP regulations and procedures and AP leadership instructions, conduct efficient merchandise recoveries and offer apprehension support as necessary.
  • By checking receipts for exposed expensive goods, you may stop theft and shortages from happening at the front of the business.
  • For every event, enter the necessary information in the system while adhering to AP policy and procedures.
  • Recognize and operate the video system properly.
  • teach team members how to use product protection, and monitor execution
  • As instructed by AP leadership, educate and train team members on operational shortage target area opportunities.
  • Implement the action plans for shortages established by AP leadership to reduce shortages in focus areas.
  • Model keeping the shop tidy for customers and staff while working safely
  • Provide services and a shopping experience that satisfy the visitor’s needs. Display an ethical behavior, safety, and compliance culture.
  • Other obligations determined by business demands


If: then we might be a fantastic match.

  • You get enthusiastic working in a vibrant and lively setting. To satisfy our visitors, our staff works effectively and together
  • Giving our customers service that inspires them to exclaim, “I LOVE TARGET!” energizes you We enjoy working at Target because of this.
  • It sounds like you enjoy stocking, setting up, and selling target products. The essence of what we do is that
  • You don’t want a job that requires you to sit in front of a computer from Monday through Friday… We are active throughout the day (especially on the weekends), which makes it simple for the visitor to feel appreciated, motivated, and welcomed.
  • The good news is that you will learn everything you need to know to become a Target Security Specialist thanks to our excellent training. Nonetheless, there are a few


Abilities you should possess right away:

  • Must be older than 18 years of age.
  • Equivalent to a high school diploma
  • Possess the necessary credentials and/or licenses required by your state or local government to perform the job.
  • Kind and accommodating demeanor toward visitors and other team members
  • Recognize the needs of modern technologies and adapt.
  • Good communication abilities
  • Work both individually and collaboratively
  • individually control workload and assign priorities to jobs.

We want to be clear on a few additional fundamentals that we expect because we are a great place to work and care about our teams:

  • Ascend and descend ladders
  • Take persons into custody in accordance with corporate policy
  • Efficiently and safely scan, handle, and carry goods, frequently lifting or moving objects weighing up to 40 pounds.
  • American with Disabilities Act requires a flexible work schedule (including nights, weekends, and holidays) and frequent attendance (ADA)