Full Time

Sales Representative – Work From Home

Posted 1 year ago
$20 - $30 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Sales Representative from home
Location: Florida work from home
Company: AmpiFire

Position Description:

The results for our clients are enormous. Our offerings are akin to the lifeblood that their company so sorely needs.

The fact that our products can help our customers’ businesses succeed is fantastic for them. Additionally, it’s wonderful for you as the salesperson because it will make your job lot simpler.

Work For A Great Company Culture

  • We aim to entice the top individuals to join our business. Therefore, we needed to develop a setting that the most talented individuals would want to work in.
  • Long before the pandemic, we welcomed flexible scheduling and remote work. It simply makes more sense than the antiquated 9–5/chained-to-your-desk paradigm now used by so many businesses.
  • Take as many days off as you need, if any. Nobody is keeping score for you. We don’t worry about anything else as long as you take care of your obligations.
  • And the pay, of course. We are aware that a lot of businesses would like to have you on their team. Therefore, we must make a really attractive offer.
  • We ensure that the 40+ members of our remote team work well together. We come together once a year in a different location to get to know one another better. London, Lisbon, and Malta have previously been visited. We’ll go to Iceland as soon as the pandemic is finished.
  • You will experience the camaraderie at work every day as well. Whether it’s as straightforward as a coworker filling in for you when you truly need it… Or as touching as getting a birthday gift from a teammate in a different country.
  • If you join our team, you’ll experience a work environment unlike any other.

What We Expect From You Is This

  • You are not need to have professional sales experience. However, you must continue to show interest in making purchases.
  • You have a strong commitment to your personal development and are well-read.
  • You have a strong sense of concentration on the consumer and the capacity to establish trusting bonds.
  • You have an entrepreneurial mindset and are a self-starter. We are prepared to invest significantly in you. You must possess both heart and drive.
  • You must be based in the United States or Canada because