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Sales Development – Remote Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
$20 - $30 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Sales Development from home
Location: Florida work from home
Company: Grafana Labs

Position Description:

We will give you the skills and resources you need to succeed as a sales development representative, but this isn’t your typical SDR position. The front line of our go-to-market team is our SDR team. As a crucial member of our Sales Development team, you will be in charge of responding to a variety of incoming requests, including event registrations, trials, and webinar sign-ups.

When it is suitable, you will transfer the relationship to an Account Executive after fully comprehending the demands of our users. Together, you and Sales will create engagement strategies for gaining new clients. Find new client opportunities, pay attention to client requirements, and talk to potential customers and locals about the effects of our technology. All individuals from the United States who speak Portuguese or Spanish are welcome to apply for this remote position.


  • You will manage the early sales process using phone, social media, and email. This includes reacting to incoming leads and tickets, comprehending the needs of the client, locating key decision-makers, looking for cross-selling opportunities, and determining when to include an account executive.
  • Develop and grow individualized email and social media marketing tactics for prospects.
  • Create a rapport and enduring connections with users and community members
  • Keep abreast on market trends, the open source ecosystem, and rivals.
  • Be at ease making decisions and operating independently as a part of a team.
  • Keep up prompt follow-up on incoming questions, answering customer enquiries within two business hours.
  • Utilize your talents in exploration, cooperation, and research to find solutions for Grafana users.


  • in the United States
  • Portuguese proficiency is a requirement, and Spanish fluency is an advantage.
  • In the face of criticism, rejection, or failure, keep a cheerful outlook.
  • Excellent communication abilities, including the capacity to speak with and connect with people at all organizational levels.
  • a track record of keeping one’s promises and goals
  • Quick learner, self-starter, and outstanding problem solver
  • a never-ending desire to ask questions and look farther for explanations
  • capable of both strategic and tactical thinking
  • Success in an environment with non-sales goals demonstrated