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Sales Analist – Work From Home

Posted 1 year ago
$20 - $30 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Sales Analist from home
Location: Florida work from home
Company: Bamboo Health

Position Description:

The Sales Compensation & Data Analyst will join Bamboo Health’s Revenue Operations team and provide help for all aspects of sales compensation & incentive design, commission processing, and bookings.

This individual will collaborate with revenue operations, finance, accounting, and our Revenue team (sales, customer success, and BDRs) to implement and administer a complete incentive strategy. As a member of the Revenue Operations team, you will strive to comprehend how our business is driven and give well-defined processes and strategies to assist in delivering results. This individual will excel at reducing complex objectives to simple processes that can be effectively conveyed and measured.

What Will You Do:

  • Partner in our annual planning process in order to contribute to the revenue team’s comprehensive plan, and construct incentives based on the team’s major objectives.
  • Develop analytical models to aid in the creation and evaluation of incentive pay systems.
  • Collaborate with finance and legal to create and distribute incentive compensation plans to all sales and sales leadership team members. Train all applicable staff on incentive compensation schemes, policies, and processes.
  • Administer all incentive compensation plans to ensure commission payments are accurate and timely. Serve as the principal point of contact for any queries, conflicts, and reconciliations pertaining to the commission. Perform periodic audits and data assessments to ensure the accuracy of commissions.
  • Take ownership of commission software to help the administration and payout of commission plans.
  • Examine all revenue bookings for accuracy and completeness, and collaborate with finance and operations departments to verify commission calculations use accurate data.
  • Ensure that all communication and documentation is precise, succinct, and up-to-date.
  • Implement a data quality program and build procedures to ensure the organization’s data is accurate and up-to-date. Identify proactive possibilities to improve or enhance our data and collaborate across functions to get the desired results.
  • What Success Appearance…

In three months…

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the products and markets in which Bamboo Health operates.
  • Conduct a comprehensive analysis of our current commission programs, including the structure of incentives and the level of current quota achievement.
  • Develop partnerships with sales teams to build a culture of lifelong learning.

In six months…

  • Assume responsibility for the sales commission process, including responsibility for opportunity approvals, commission calculations, payment approvals, and commission releases.
  • Plan, implement, and teach the sales staff on the pay plan and policies in collaboration with finance and legal.
  • Recommend three significant improvements to our present commission procedure.

In 1 year…

  • Continue to build and improve compensation and incentive programs, combining historical data with insights to craft plans that contribute to the achievement of corporate objectives.
  • Contribute significantly to the design, implementation, and process improvement of the compensation models that will have a significant impact on the entire sales organization.
  • Analyze performance and attainment data to glean insights that can drive crucial business decisions

What You Require:

  • 3-5 years of Sales Compensation and Data Analysis experience. Experience in finance or revenue operations is a bonus.
  • Preferred: Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting, Economics, or Analytics, or a related profession.
  • Detail-oriented with solid analytic and planning skills
  • Ideal expertise with commission software such as CaptivateIQ, SPIFF, etc. would be helpful.
  • Prior expertise with Salesforce or a comparable CRM system is desirable.
  • Prior knowledge with SQL or SOQL is a plus.
  • Preferable is an interest in healthcare technology
  • A workplace that facilitates high-quality virtual interactions. This includes, but is not limited to, the ability to work in a peaceful environment with minimal interruptions and a reliable Internet connection.
  • The capacity for periodic business travel.
  • Experience working in environments characterized by rapid growth and change.