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Project Manager – Work From Home Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
$30 - $40 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Project Manager from home
Location: Arizona work from home
Company: The Trevor Project

Position Description:

The first-ever Corporate Ties Project Manager position boosts corporate revenue by concentrating on high-impact initiatives like the Trevor Pride Campaign and other campaigns that enable Trevor’s corporate partnerships to be sustained over the long run. To enhance the objective of saving young LGBTQ lives, this job will also design innovative, new fundraising strategies, contribute to the creation of new pitch and partnership materials, and interact with fundraising partners and individuals.

Your identity

  • Entrepreneurial. You have the skills to make many of your ideas into reality. You’re a self-starter who views challenges as chances to test out new concepts. You give challenges your best shot, focus on finding solutions, and collaborate with team members and stakeholders. You know when to seek for assistance and don’t hesitate to do so.
  • Flexible. You can take the lead in any circumstance and are at ease negotiating ambiguity. You can prioritize work, pay great attention to detail, and manage many tasks at once while keeping track of deadlines.
  • Relationship and collaboration builder. You are aware that effective teamwork is the key to reaching and exceeding objectives. You naturally work well with others, are inquisitive, and think that the team must succeed for you to succeed. You especially enjoy assisting a group of outside fundraisers so they may perform their finest work.
  • Detail-oriented. You pay close attention to the little things, aim for perfection in everything you write and make, and have the ability to manage several trains at once.
  • Passionate. LGBTQ youth are important to you. It matters to you to save lives. Every day you should feel inspired to report to work.
  • Innovative. You have a keen sense of strategy. You enjoy having ideas for big, audacious projects. You consider 20 potential improvements after examining how things now are.
  • Fun. Even though the work we do is highly important, we nevertheless enjoy ourselves. You ought to enjoy yourself as much as we do.

How you’ll act

  • Organize our fundraising efforts
  • Work cross-functionally with the Marketing, Content, and Communications teams and frontline fundraisers to plan, carry out, and analyze Trevor’s annual Pride and end-of-year fundraising campaigns, as well as any other campaign moments we may add.
  • Corporate Partner Communications for Lead Trevor
  • Manage Trevor’s exclusive network, which consists of our 10 to 15 largest and most important corporate clients. This includes setting network goals and assisting with the annual renewal process.
  • Plan and conduct quarterly gatherings that are intended to foster collaboration amongst businesses with similar goals, provide opportunities to support Trevor’s major initiatives, and offer insights and connections about Trevor’s mission, programs, leadership, and effect. Make plans with Trevor’s Corporate Partnerships Managers and team to make sure meetings are educational, interesting, and productive.
  • Organize an annual training that is accessible to all employees at Corporate Member Network organizations with Trevor’s Education team.
  • Create the pitch and partnership materials for Trevor.
  • Working along with our Content team, create/update Pride decks and boilerplate pitch decks each year.
  • Create/update partnership case studies, working directly with our communications team, businesses, and frontline fundraisers to communicate impactful narratives.
  • cooperate with our grant writer to develop boilerplate text for proposals.
  • Assigned by the director of corporate partnerships, take the lead or provide support on particular projects, such as but not restricted to:
  • For Corporate Partnerships fundraisers to track and forecast the giving from their portfolios, Salesforce pipelines, reports, and dashboards are being created.
  • Our Standard Operating Procedures are being updated and/or redesigned to maintain their precision, uniformity, and usability.
  • working together to reevaluate Trevor’s employee engagement approach in order to improve services that support partner and corporate objectives.
  • Other roles, obligations, or unique projects as assigned