Full Time

Program Manager – Work From Home

Posted 1 year ago
$60 - $70 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Program Manager from home
Location: California work from home
Company: Nava 

Position Description:

The program managers at Nava have five or more years of expertise managing client relationships and delivery outcomes for a variety of small- to medium-sized projects in order to foster productive delivery environments.

How You’ll Act

  • surpass our government partners’ expectations by developing dependable connections and sustaining heightened situational awareness at the agency level
  • actively identify risks and cooperate with the delivery team and other stakeholders in the program to successfully address them (issues can span delivery, process, culture, expectation setting, staffing, contract milestones, finances)
  • Engage our clients consistently to make sure their needs are fulfilled or surpassed, comprehend their vision, work with them to solve problems in a cooperative manner, and transparently report our progress.
  • By using surge contract line item numbers (CLINs), option years, and discussions with prime contractors, you can expand your portfolio in accordance with the larger project environment and possibility for new opportunities and hazards.
  • To proactively foresee and resolve issues across delivery, collaborate across projects and the company.
  • help build delivery environments based on confidence between our team and our government partners
  • A team of project managers and other functional delivery leads can help you scale your efforts.
  • Manage all of your portfolio’s contracts and finances in cooperation with the finance team, and arrange for any necessary contract revisions.
  • Establish and uphold standards for superior customer service and delivery
  • Implement Nava’s rules and directives at the program level (E.g. utilization guidance)
  • Participate in establishing and achieving business goals and important results.

Needed abilities

  • Experience with programs or projects using custom software or cloud infrastructure is required.
  • Demonstrate your leadership skills by being able to manage deadlines, dependencies, and integrations with a high level of risk, uncertainty, or size.
  • Bachelor’s degree or the equivalent in training
  • Knowledge of agile development techniques like continuous integration and continuous delivery as well as experience working with agile frameworks like scrum, kanban, or SAFe are also desirable.
  • You are a compassionate communicator and relationship-builder who supports the program staff and our clients with a service-oriented attitude.
  • ability to handle multi-dimensional difficulties encompassing numerous organizations, procedures, cultures, and technology, as well as flexible problem-solving skills.
  • You are incredibly organized and are passionate about creating and expanding a successful company that values culture.
  • a long-term and medium-term approach to delivery planning and contract management.
  • an iterative execution strategy that prioritizes quick team progress
  • ability to stay aware of the situation outside of the immediate team.
  • outstanding verbal and written communication abilities.
  • desired abilities
  • Knowledge of Jira and Confluence, including how to use and administer them
  • Managing projects for the government
  • Experience initiating, advancing, and pursuing agile transformation with clients and stakeholders, as well as pursuing best practices in project management
  • knowledge of project management for continuing product/feature development and production operations
  • Experience deploying new production systems in a rapidly evolving regulatory environment with strong public awareness