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Program Manager – Remote Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
$30 - $40 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Program Manager from home
Location: Minnesota work from home
Company: Nation Marrow Donor Program

Position Description:

In relation to the SPA-CC and OPA contracts with the Health Resources and Services Administration, this position serves as the chief administrator of the program and operational administrative operations (HRSA). This individual is accountable for making sure the contract, its deliverables, special projects, meetings, and Contracts are followed in collaboration with Contracts, the SPA-CC and OPA project directors, as well as other contributors from throughout the business. This job is located far away (US).


  • Ensure timely delivery of deliverables by acting as the key contact and setting up SharePoint deliverable reminder email reminders (the 6-week, 3-week, 1-week reminder emails).
  • Manage the upkeep of the following contract documents: the Schedule of Deliverables (SoD), the Performance Work Statement (PWS), the Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP), and the Responsible Parties document (identities which staff are assigned to particular deliverables).
  • Create and maintain a master calendar to keep track of the deadlines, submissions, and approvals for the two contracts. Keep the list of important NMDP individuals current as well.
  • As the point of contact for deliverable questions and ad hoc questions from HRSA, you’ll make sure that answers are thorough and delivered on time.
  • Maintain records in accordance with NMDP and HRSA requirements.

Review and coordination of deliverables:

  • Work with the organization’s major contributors to schedule the creation and submission of deliverables.
  • Make that the SPA-CC and OPA contracts’ deliverables are prepared and submitted consistently.
  • Serve as a critical reviewer and proofreader of submitted internal work, paying close attention to detail and showcasing a strong command of English grammar, punctuation, spelling, and other linguistic conventions.
  • Use sound judgment while editing and reviewing contributors’ work to make sure it satisfies the standards set by the NMDP leadership and the HRSA COR.
  • Create and maintain the templates for the deliverable reports.
  • Prepare a monthly internal email update (including the number of deliverables submitted or awaiting approval, those due in the next four to six weeks, the date of the next COR meeting, and any special notes).

Coordination of meetings:

  • Work with the SPA-CC and OPA project directors to organize the COR meeting’s agenda, arrange for guest speakers, and prepare the final agenda for submission to HRSA. Invites to internal and external meetings should be scheduled via Webex. Add the agenda to meetings once it has received final approval from HRSA. As needed, troubleshoot during the meeting.
  • Take notes during the COR meeting, submit the notes to speakers for internal review, assemble speaker notes, and publish the minutes.
  • If required, assist special COR meetings. Plan the agenda with the OPA and SPA-CC project directors if NMDP wants the meetings. Before submitting meeting minutes to HRSA, draft them and send them to speakers for evaluation and approval.
  • Other


  • knowledge of the rules and procedures for project coordination.
  • knowledge of requirements, laws, and ethical conduct for operational compliance
  • Understanding the procedures for working with HRSA, including the deadlines, deliverables, submissions, tracking, and write-up requirements.
  • general knowledge of transplantation, NMDP initiatives and standards, and NMDP operations

Capacity for:

  • Collaborate, influence, and lead cross-functionally without immediate supervision Display great organizational and detail-oriented abilities.
  • Ability to combine written content from many sources, ensuring that it adheres to NMDP standards and is presented in a consistent voice. Strong oral and written communication abilities.
  • Meet deadlines while managing numerous projects and tasks at once.
  • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, the Internet, online conferencing, and data management