Full Time

Product Designer – Work From Home

Posted 1 year ago
New York
$20 - $30 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Product Designer from home
Location: California work from home
Company: Apartment List

Position Description:

Finding the ideal rental property can frequently be confusing and stressful, with rent being the largest expense for the average household. Apartment List is developing a simple, enjoyable, and efficient apartment search experience that will improve the lives of millions of tenants by making this process less onerous.

Our new renter core team, which is directly in charge of expanding our renter base by optimizing the complete renter trip, will collaborate with this product designer. This team is in charge of maximizing the whole product funnel as well as engaging both new and current consumers through various communication methods. This is your chance to make your dreams of creating pleasant experiences and resolving issues affecting actual people come true.


  • Design native, desktop, mobile, and web applications from beginning to end.
  • Engage in research, brainstorming, drawing, wireframing/flow generation, final visuals, and asset creation throughout the design process.
  • Perform usability testing on features, present results, and suggest adjustments to address any problems. You should be able to transform user research ideas into worthwhile actions.
  • To guide project teams to success, collaborate with the director of design, engineers, product analysts, and product managers.
  • Work on all of our products to produce a unique, highly practical experience.
  • Create user-friendly experiences, communications, and unique renter tools to assist more renters in finding a place they adore.
  • You’ll need the following knowledge and expertise to succeed:
  • undergraduate degree
  • Having shipped products for four or more years, you are aware of what it takes to deliver high-quality products at every level of development. You can highlight numerous standout pieces of genuine work you’ve completed as well as the lessons you acquired along the road.


  • You should be able to take big, conceptual concepts and transform them into something that the millions of US renters will find valuable and useful.
  • You are passionate about users and promote the greatest user experience to meet both user and company objectives.
  • Business-savvy; capable of balancing user wants with organizational needs.
  • You are fearless in your pursuit of developing top-notch applications that satisfy customers’ wants and desires, and your multidisciplinary peers regard you as a leader.
  • first on mobile Our mobile web traffic makes about 80% of all of our traffic, which is great because you adore creating mobile-friendly designs.
  • Pixel-perfect – Your use of excellent visual designs.
  • Prototyping – You are proficient at prototyping across a variety of platforms and it is a crucial component of your toolkit.