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Product Designer – Remote Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
$90 - $100 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Product Designer from home
Location: California work from home
Company: Atlassian 

Position Description:

We are the developers, designers, content designers, researchers, and product managers behind Atlassian’s objective to ensuring that the design system is the foundation for constructing scalable, high-quality user experiences. Using our self-service principles, reusable components, and platform capabilities, we empower teams to develop experiences that are easy, intuitive, beautiful, and harmonious. Our design language enables designers and developers to quickly construct experiences, while our customers can utilize familiar components across all product touchpoints.
You will be the main designer, assisting us in establishing our accessibility roadmap, strategy, and collaborating with your cross-functional peers to build elegant solutions that make our Design System compliant with WCAG2.1.

What you’ll do

  • As part of the Atlassian Design System team, report to our Senior Design Manager for Accessibility and work closely with the Atlassian Accessibility Team.
  • Design and deploy aesthetically pleasing solutions that suit our UI design framework. Accessibility-related foundations, components, and service experiences of using the Atlassian Design System.
  • Lead, motivate, and establish our Design Systems team in the United States by driving design programs and forming strategic alliances with company executives.
  • Mentor, coach, and share your understanding of the design system with other product designers on the team in order to advance the team.
  • Collaborate with Engineering and Product executives to improve the Atlassian Design System and deliver scalable digital Accessibility.
  • Collaborate with partners throughout the organization to identify additional Design System investments that will improve the design of Accessible experiences.
  • Manage projects that you are in charge of and ensure that the team as a whole meets its objectives.

Your historical

  • Has more than eight years of design experience and has served as a leader.
  • Experience working with or in close proximity to a Design System
  • You are an expert in designing for inclusive and accessible experiences.
  • A familiarity with Accessibility requirements (e.g., Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, WCAG)
  • Experience dealing with individuals with impairments and familiarity with assistive technologies for desktop and mobile platforms
  • Experience integrating Accessibility in UI components, including Assistive Technology interoperability
  • You can exhibit facilitation and collaboration skills by working with different teams, soliciting and summarizing input, and facilitating design conversations.
  • Experience applying a design system to visual design, digital design, front end development, systems design, and large-scale enterprise design.
  • Experience in UX/product design, designing complicated or enterprise-level software