Full Time

Marketing Manager – Work From Home

Posted 1 year ago
New York
$30 - $40 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Marketing Manager from home
Location: New York work from home
Company: Anteriad 

Position Description:

To ensure data availability, usefulness, and integrity, you will establish strategies and increase efficiencies as our marketing operations leader by integrating marketing data across systems, channels, and tech behavior. We need a capable leader to oversee our group of marketing operations specialists, develop and expand a best-in-class marketing operations function, and assist us in leveraging marketing technology to increase scale and optimize performance.

The ideal applicant has expertise in B2B demand generation and Hubspot. You are a leader with extensive project management experience who has designed, integrated, and managed marketing technology platforms.

What you can anticipate is:

  • Supervising a small marketing operations team, setting priorities, allocating resources, and serving as the go-to person for information on best practices for marketing operations and marketing automation.
  • Supervising all infrastructure and operational procedures for our martech stack, web analytics, and marketing automation. Setting the plan for crucial business operations such system integrations, data enrichment, and record flow will be your responsibility.
  • Being responsible for the strategy, control, and administration of a marketing database.
  • Implementing an integrated framework for managing and measuring campaigns that includes events, advertising, websites, emails, content syndication initiatives, and account-based marketing in collaboration with internal and external agency partners.
  • Coordinating the documentation, onboarding, and training of our larger marketing team as well as the operations team to ensure the effective usage of marketing and online software and tooling.
  • Finding untapped potential. You’ll actively look for obstacles to system scaling, then collaborate with the other members of the team to get rid of them. We place a great value on problem-solving initiative and design thinking.
  • Working directly with Sales to coordinate workflows and improve lead and account management, routing, SLAs, and handoffs in order to meet funnel, pipeline, and revenue goals.
  • Being responsible for the marketing database’s data quality as well as for adhering to laws governing consumer privacy and data protection.
  • Working to comprehend and improve online traffic metrics with our own paid and organic search team.
  • directing data analytics, developing management and marketing dashboards, and generating insights from website analytics. audience size, funnel velocity, funnel conversion rates, and ROI
  • Making sure procedures are created, recorded, comprehended, and used in a way that minimizes the use of inaccurate or insufficient data and processes.
  • Preparing and providing our C-level executives with marketing data and business insights.

You’ve already:

  • Management expertise and a track record of inspiring and guiding a team
  • Excellent people skills, particularly the ability to coordinate teams and various stakeholders
  • 10+ years of expertise in B2B marketing, with a focus on operations and marketing technology at growing firms
  • Proficient knowledge of HubSpot and Salesforce CRM
  • The capacity to develop analyses and derive insights from data.
  • Proficient knowledge of web analytics tools like Hotjar, Google Analytics, and Google Data Studio.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the state of marketing technology.
  • The capacity to work together across teams to spur and affect corporate progress
  • Outstanding organizational and project management abilities
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities
  • The capacity to motivate others by exhibiting one’s values
  • Strong focus on the details. With your team, you can get down in the weeds and focus on the seemingly unimportant things.
  • Excellent written and vocal communication abilities. Regular direct communication with executives and other top officials will take place.