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Marketing Manager – Amazon Remote Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
San Diego
$50 - $70 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Marketing Manager from home
Location: San Diego work from home
Company: Amazon

To help Amazon Business Canada’s B2B division grow more quickly, we are looking for a talented marketing manager. You will be in charge of the overall strategy for the Amazon Business Canada website, which includes merchandising products on the site, launching and maintaining storefronts, selecting products, and directing traffic and onsite events. You will collaborate closely with marketing leads from all over the world to test out and use B2B shops and selection techniques.

The way businesses shop in Canada is being reinvented by Amazon Business. Amazon Business Canada, which was established in October 2019, is utilizing the same inventive and entrepreneurial strategy that produced the Amazon.ca shopping experience, new technology, products (such as our Amazon Echo, Kindle e-readers, and tablets), and enterprise services (like Amazon Web Services). We are committed to transforming Amazon Business into the world’s largest and most cutting-edge Business-to-Business (B2B) marketplace as part of our effort to reinvent on behalf of business clients. Individual professionals, small businesses, massive organizations, and everything in between are just a few of our customers. They come from every industry sector. You are a powerful leader who has the ability to persuade executives, set priorities, communicate persuasively, and understand how to produce exceptional outcomes with a strong and skilled team. You are also capable of enacting change within other businesses. A creative mind and a commitment to quality and the consumer are essential for the position.


  • Establish the marketing strategy and create effective B2B stores.
  • Create a single cross-channel strategy with the goal of hitting the schedule and increasing the velocity and efficiency of our self-service and sales channels.
  • Create and support audacious and original ideas.
  • Own and control the retailing process.
  • Present your findings to process participants and stakeholders at weekly, monthly, and quarterly business review meetings.


BASIC REQUIREMENTS: English and French communication abilities, both oral and written.

Preferred qualifications: knowledge of CRM, web analytics, marketing automation (Pardot), and Salesforce.com systems