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Marketing Designer – Remote Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
$30 - $40 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Marketing Designer from home
Location: Georgia work from home
Company: DataCamp

Position Description:

This is a fast-paced, exciting work for a business at a critical juncture in its growth trajectory. We’re searching for someone with enthusiasm, passion, and great collaborative abilities.


  • You’ll convert the brand’s strategy and vision into a unified, methodical visual style that can be applied to all marketing materials and touchpoints.
  • You’ll create captivating advertising ideas and identities for anything from product launches to promotions like the January Sale (driving projects with momentum from brief to execution)
  • Through ongoing mentoring, skill sharing, personal development plans, and a strategic approach to hiring, you can lead a high-performing design team that is enthusiastic, happy, and focused.
  • You will implement design upgrades for important owned-channel outputs and “own” design across the whole marketing department (everything from improving email templates to creating new organic social formats) – using your expertise to address issues and generate possibilities
  • Manage outside contractors and freelancers as needed to produce graphics, videos, and illustrations that may be included into brand identities, content, and campaigns.
  • Educate those applying the brand, uphold the DataCamp brand guidelines, and communicate these guidelines internally and with suppliers. Represent design with important stakeholders.
  • You’ll commit to ensuring inclusivity and accessibility while designing with an eye toward audiences around the world.
  • oversee the DataCamp design request procedure, making sure that all parties and requests are handled quickly.

What we are seeking:

  • Strong collaboration abilities, the capacity to combine creative authority, a challenger brand, a growth attitude, and a future-focused, inventive approach are required, as well as 7+ years of relevant expertise in digital design.
  • a desire to expand and change with the company, to increase the design team, and to develop new approaches to problems as we expand.
  • Gravitas and confidence to influence key stakeholders and explain major business choices
  • a passion for creating brands and practical experience using different platforms (paid social organic social, email, display, video, editorial content, events, swag, presentations, web, etc)
  • UI/UX best practices, knowledge of communications hierarchy, experience creating web pages, including wireframing
  • Highly organized with knowledge of managing a team, numerous projects with short deadlines, and resource allocation (bringing in freelance resource if required)
  • mastery of design software, such as InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Figma and After Effects knowledge are advantages.
  • a love of all things design and the capacity to motivate the company. You are skilled at articulating and defending your ideas to other designers, members of the marketing team, and business executives.