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Manager – CVS Remote Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
New Jersey
$40 - $60 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Manager from home
Location: New Jersey work from home
Company: CVS Health

Consider developing your career as a Manager on the Omnichannel Pickup Innovations team if you are passionate about fostering innovation, finding solutions to challenging challenges, and making a difference in the world via your work.

In order to enhance customer satisfaction, streamline colleague workflow, and deliver a pickup experience that meets our customers’ needs and helps our patients get healthier, this position will be primarily focused on identifying, designing, and advancing opportunities within the pharmacy pickup experience. As a subject matter expert in business, you will have the chance to identify important improvement possibilities, build user-friendly solutions and innovations, and assess the value opportunity of business difficulties with a focus on the digital pickup and point-of-sale pharmacy experience. You will be a member of a bigger team that is reshaping the point-of-sale workflow and generating value through time savings, process optimization, script expansion, enhanced health outcomes, and a streamlined and user-friendly customer experience.

Someone with a sharp eye and love for the digital user experience, an innovator’s attitude, and the capacity to think critically about how we can deliver a digital-first experience that is essential to the enterprise’s omnichannel pharmacy strategy would be a wonderful fit for this position. The team will need a mix of commercial savvy, operational knowledge, and a strategic attitude to develop and implement ideas that will benefit our customers and coworkers at Omnichannel Pharmacy!


  • Through a thorough understanding and application of the company and process, come up with ideas for and identify potential areas of improvement for the pharmacy pickup experience.
  • Utilize quantitative data and qualitative insights to aid in valuing opportunities and prioritizing various initiatives.
  • Utilizing pharmacy expertise to create system requirements, scope, plan, and design operational programs (such as process flows and optimization).
  • Organize partners (across Operations, Digital, IT, Product Development, Regulatory, Legal, Field Leadership, etc.) to drive results, manage deadlines, resolve problems, and align for piloting, rollout, and launch support.
  • Prepare materials and presentations for various audiences and senior executives, taking into account field leaders who might not have the same experience and skills and assembling leadership alignment.

Pay Scale

The usual pay scale for this position is as follows: 60,300 minimum; 130,000 maximum

Please remember that this range represents the salary range for every position in the job grade that this position belongs to. The location is just one of several variables that will be considered when determining the actual compensation offer.


Required credentials

  • Experience as a Product Owner, Business Analyst, Project Manager, Consultant, IT professional, or in a similar sector of 4+ years is necessary. Experience in agile product development is advantageous, OR two or more years of experience working in a retail pharmacy context
  • Structured & Logical Thinking: The capacity to recognize and categorize business concerns and difficulties, and to create analytical, financial, and strategic frameworks to carry out analysis and/or assess success.
  • Process-oriented: The capacity to comprehend and evaluate intricate procedures and workflows in order to spot flaws or potential areas for development that could affect the competence of our store-level pharmacy teams.
  • Love of Health Care: a track record of working in the healthcare sector and a persistent ambition to strengthen one of the world’s strongest healthcare firms
  • Effective and concise communication at all levels of an organization and with a wide range of stakeholders is referred to as powerful communication.
  • Initiative: The capacity to aggressively explore and provide potential answers while working independently with little direction or coaching.
  • Influence: The capacity to persuade and develop good working relationships with others

Preferred Requirements: Education in PharmD or MBA

Education: Bachelor’s degree or comparable experience