Full Time

iOS Developer – Work From Home

Posted 1 year ago
$40 - $50 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: iOS Developer from home
Location: Arizona work from home
Company: RADAR 

Position Description:

We are excited to add an iOS Developer to our expanding team. You will assist us in developing the main elements of our iOS application in this capacity. With future SDKs and app capabilities related to analytics and beyond, the application’s first set of features is made to assist retail store staff in finding products and managing inventories. We give our customers our undivided attention, and you should too. You will collaborate closely with our product management team to upgrade our current application and deliver a polished solution to clients. Your capacity to create excellent reusable components will be crucial as we create the team and other iOS applications on our plan.


  • Develop the specifications for deliverable mobile applications and a customer-facing SDK to support retail processes by working with customer success, product management, solutions architecture, and others.
  • Create broad concepts for the user experience of iOS mobile products, making sure that all consumer interactions are clear and simple.
  • Learn about our reference application and current user experience design.
  • Define the API needs in collaboration with the engineering team.
  • Assessing and choosing the right mobile stack for the company’s needs.
  • Use product engineering meetings and project management tools to communicate with the team.
  • Create a continuous integration approach to stop quality from declining.
  • Deploy mobile applications for client teams that generate revenue in the billions.
  • Travel occasionally to testing locations to assist with issue fixing and address usability feedback.


  • You’ve worked with iOS professionally for at least 5 years.
  • You’ve worked as a Swift professional for at least five years.
  • Excellent interpersonal and teamwork abilities.
  • prior knowledge of the App Store or enterprise iOS application deployment.
  • Excellent design and UX judgment.
  • project management expertise.