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Development Administrator – Remote Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
$23 - $26 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Development Administrator from home
Location: Georgia work from home
Company: ACSI

Position Description:

The administrator of the learning management system contributes to the creation and execution of LMS programs and services for professional development. Through collaboration with subject matter experts and instructional designers, this position will make sure that content is categorized, systematized, and presented to end users.

Important Tasks and Responsibilities

  • annual expansion of professional development content
  • Curate professional development content with the assistance of Instructional Designers, other ACSI departments, and other parties. Implement quality assurance for professional development content. Work with content specialists and Instructional Designers to design course modules for the LMS.
  • contribute to the continued creation of services for professional growth online.
  • oversee the LMS’s day-to-day operations and address fundamental problems
  • Support educational institutions and educators using the LMS for professional development, and address customer support members’ concerns about LMS use.
  • For best practices, keep abreast of system upgrades and integrations.
  • Create user policies, instructions, and documentation to help users access the LMS.
  • Work together to lead internal and external trainings on LMS features and deliver technical training to end users.
  • To compile, evaluate, and report usage statistics, learning information, and performance management, develop and use data collecting tools and techniques; suggest LMS usage strategies to achieve business goals.
  • Collaborate with ACSI staff, departments, and teams to accomplish professional development objectives
  • every other task that is delegated
  • Benefits and Compensation


  • a public declaration of unqualified endorsement of the ACSI Statement of Faith
  • A mature, godly spirit. A strong, clear Christian testimony, confessing Christ as Savior and trying to live as His disciple. A desire for spiritual growth as seen by his or her prayer practice, Bible study, and spiritual outreach to others. (This involves having a commitment to God’s moral and sexual laws.)
  • a person of prayer and faith
  • a deep understanding of and acceptance by the evangelical Christian community, a servant leader, and active engagement in a nearby Bible-believing church.

Required education and experience

  • two or more years of experience using technology in education
  • Expertise with learning management systems is necessary, with Moodle LMS experience desirable.
  • education or a closely comparable profession as a Bachelor’s degree; favored educational technology
  • Outstanding attention to detail
  • excellent communication skills in both writing and spoken
  • working knowledge of adult learning theory and instructional practices
  • proficient in managing Microsoft Office software and web-based technological solutions.