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Developer – Delta Remote Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
$60 - $80 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Developer from home
Location: Georgia work from home
Company: Delta

Are you prepared to work on cutting-edge front end technologies for a multi-billion dollar and multi-million user digital property in order to Keep Rising with Delta? Continue reading. We are searching for a Senior Developer who is passionate about the development of Java, AEM, and content management systems.


You will be a part of an accomplished group of software and quality engineers and will be:

  • Practical implementation and design of AEM solutions linked to the work streams of product/project teams
  • Converting business needs into logical/conceptual application architectures
  • Evaluating the viability and scalability of AEM solutions and collaborating with product and company owners to develop technical answers to client challenges
  • Triage, management, and where necessary, prevention of production issues
  • Able to plan and design Enterprise AEM solutions based on business requirements
  • For analytics, error logging and monitoring, and other crucial consumer interactions on delta.com, technical specification and implementation are required.
  • Resolution of technical debt, prevention, and code reviews
  • Study and execution of efforts for performance, stability, and reliability
  • Integration of Delta’s research and development efforts with the most recent UI frameworks, including node.js, bootstrap, and angularJS, as well as creative new concepts for customer interactions.
  • Modernize your AEM versions


Our common commitment to upholding our values of Caring, Integrity, Resilience, Servant Leadership, and Collaboration in everything we do is the foundation of our culture. Our employees are what make Delta successful. Our emphasis on sharing success with Delta workers is at the core of what we have to offer. When you choose a career at Delta, you can travel the world while earning excellent pay and benefits to support your ascent:

  • Performance incentives, a competitive pay, and the best profit sharing scheme in the sector
  • Substantial employer contributions to a 401(k), up to 9%
  • Paid time off, such as holidays, vacations, personal days, and parental and maternity leaves
  • Complete health benefits, including life insurance, medical, dental, and vision care
  • Support for fertility, assistance with surrogacy and adoption, assistance with breastfeeding, subsidized backup care, and programs that assist with loved ones at all stages are all examples of family care assistance.
  • Programs for holistic well-being that support physical, emotional, social, and financial health are available, and they include substantial resources for mental health as well as access to an employee assistance program that provides aid to you and anyone living in your home.
  • Availability of capacity on domestic and international flights for employees and qualifying family members
  • Programs for career development to help you reach your long-term objectives
  • Collaborations on a global scale to participate in volunteer work, and creative targets made with a focus on sustainability and lowering our carbon footprint
  • Business Resource Groups established to bring together staff with like interests to promote inclusion, offer perspective, and assist with strategy implementation
  • via the Unstoppable Together platform, prizes, and recognition
  • Access to more than 500 discounts, special offers, and extra advantages through Deltaperks, including free car and hotel rentals, auto, house, and pet insurance, as well as legal and daycare services.



  • Implementing 2+ full cycle AEM projects over the course of three years or more with extensive Web Content Management experience using Adobe AEM/CQ5
  • 2+ years of practical deployment, troubleshooting, and Java/J2EE development experience
  • Exceptional knowledge of JCR, Apache Sling, Apache Felix, OSGi, and REST
  • Experience with Javascript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON, HTML, and CSS for two years
  • Having a strong understanding of CQ5 building blocks, such as templates, components, dialogs, widgets, and bundles
  • able to integrate the newest UI frameworks, such as node.js, bootstrap, and angularJS, into Enterprise AEM solutions based on business requirements
  • modernize your AEM versions
  • Frameworks for Javascript are desired but not necessary.
  • Experience with Node/Express JS, AngularJS v4+, React, or any other JS Framework
  • If not currently employed by Delta Air Lines, Inc., the candidate, if authorized by applicable law, must have received or be willing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine by the date of hire in order to be considered for a position with a U.S. employer.
  • shows that protecting privacy is a top consideration while working with personal data.
  • embraces a variety of persons, viewpoints, and personal preferences.
  • consistently puts one’s own and others’ safety and security first.


Undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline.