Full Time

Call Center – Work From Home

Posted 1 year ago
$20 - $30 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Call Center from home
Location: Nevada work from home
Company: Medstar Transportation

Position Description:

If you are a team member who is trustworthy, diligent, upbeat, quick to pick things up, detail-oriented, able to work without needing to check your personal cell phone throughout your shift, and enjoys helping people, then kindly:


  • Respond to incoming calls.
  • Help callers in a friendly and efficient manner.
  • Give incoming rides to the most qualified and effective driver.
  • Establish the eligibility and billing for clients who require transportation.
  • Maintain effective, courteous, professional, and clear communication with customers and drivers.
  • Examine the schedules and make any necessary comments using the accompanying checklists.
  • Driver texts should be answered within a two-minute average wait time.
  • Fix all the driver problems.
  • Before passing off any important information, go over it with the employees.
  • In order to organize car services and repairs, communicate with the fleet manager.
  • Check the reservation inbox and broker portals frequently to make sure that trips have been entered on time.
  • When a callout occurs, be able to locate coverage and allocate trips.
  • Following training, work with little supervision.
  • perform any additional tasks that have been given as necessary.


  • Have stellar attendance and exhibit dependability in all situations
  • understanding of transportation-related state, federal, DOT, and ADA regulations
  • 2+ years of experience in account management
  • experience with customer service
  • excellent written and verbal communication abilities
  • mastery of all required computer applications and dispatching software
  • working knowledge of Google Docs and Excel in Microsoft Office
  • typist with a 40 WPM speed
  • team player
  • Dependable and trustworthy
  • rapid learner
  • Spanish and English bilingual