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Systems Engineer – Crypto Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
$60 - $80 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Systems Engineer from home
Location: Georgia work from home
Company: Nethermind


Our Protocol Engineering team’s responsibility is to create cutting-edge blockchain clients (nodes).

  • R&D work environment
  • Understanding scalable, high-availability, and low-latency architectures for the design and construction of distributed and fault-tolerant systems
  • Putting in place P2P and networking layer protocols
  • Large-scale data processing and management under severe real-time performance constraints
  • Enhancing software efficiency
  • The chance to collaborate with leading software developers and researchers to overcome the most difficult technological obstacles
  • Utilizing the most recent tools and technology


Troubleshooting \sSkills:

  • The capacity to create complicated data structures and efficiently implement algorithms
  • Good programming abilities; C# or GO preferable, but alternative tech stacks (such as Java, Rust, or C++) will also be taken into consideration
  • Knowledge of effective software architecture
  • Ability to write code that is clear, testable, and maintainable without resorting to over engineering
  • A proactive mindset with a willingness to take on responsibility and solve issues
  • Many years of experience developing software Excellent background in computer science
  • The inner workings of blockchains intrigue you

Although it is not necessary, if you are an expert in one of the following fields, we would love to speak with you:

  • Optimizations for memory and performance in distributed networks (P2P)
  • JSON RPC, Blockchain, EVM, and TransactionPool
  • Complex data structures, as an illustration; For instance, Patricia Merkle/Verkle attempts NoSQL Key Values databases; RocksDB \sCryptography

Examples of tasks the group has completed:

  • Constructing a custom Nethermind client from scratch implementing the Snap Sync protocol to accelerate network-wide synchronization of Ethereum nodes
  • Implementing The Merge and switching from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake
  • Enhancements to the internal virtual machine’s performance (EVM)
  • Memory management enhancements
  • Libp2p implementation in C# that is designed and implemented with effective, reliable data storage and caching

Benefits and perks:

  • Utterly remote
  • Adaptable hours of employment
  • Added equity