Full Time

Product Manager – Work From Home

Posted 1 year ago
$70 - $80 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Product Manager from home
Location: Washington work from home
Company: Starbucks

Position Description:

One person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time: that is the Starbucks mission: to inspire and nourish the human spirit. Starbucks technologists use cutting-edge technology to help our partners, consumers, shops, roasters, and international communities accomplish this purpose. By taking full responsibility for the strategic value, usability, and functionality of one or more of our service and contact center technologies, this position contributes to Starbucks’ success.

We plan, create, and maintain a digital ecosystem that strengthens the Starbucks brand and expands our clientele by enhancing interactions, relationships, and experiences amongst people. serves as the team’s leader and subject-matter expert in a certain technical field. To be effective, a product manager must have the ability to handle confusing, complicated projects while managing cross-functional expectations, such as but not limited to feature sets, timeframes, and change requests. They must be driven by a passion for developing the finest capabilities for our company and consumers while also possessing the analytical rigor necessary to test, measure, and iterate in order to provide the best experience and economic benefit.

Summary of Important Duties

  • Together with business stakeholders, define target KPIs for features and drive alignment on business and UX goals.
  • Create user requirements and stories, collaborate with stakeholders to determine ROI and business value, direct backlog prioritization, and create and manage user personas.
  • effectively cooperate and partner with working teams and senior management to position and support engagements
  • Prioritize and take responsibility for many deliverables and cross-team projects.
  • Be in charge of several small- to medium-sized goods and/or one; be knowledgeable about a certain product domain space both within Starbucks and the broader industry.
  • Set your own UX objectives, KPIs, and measurement strategies.
  • As per the measurement strategy, carry out feature readouts with second level insights (broader and deeper hypothesis driven comprehensive analysis), and identify proxy data sources as necessary to address problems.
  • Manage tradeoffs for small to medium-sized feature sets in terms of scope, resources, and timeframe.
  • Be in charge of the efficient implementation of small to medium improvements and new features in relation to company objectives.
  • successfully communicate with technical and business teams on your own
  • Independently produce product update communications, including content for executive review and decision-making and release notifications.
  • assist coworkers and team members in developing their technical and business capabilities
  • Keep up with current technological developments and make use of your knowledge to help with product solutions; suggest and plan novel goods and features.
  • Work with engineering and/or technical product managers to define and integrate upcoming initiatives into the roadmap.
  • Work with technical working teams to prioritize features correctly by using knowledge and skills to refine requirements, comprehend technical debt, and non-functional features.
  • In charge of one team’s product plan
  • Create strong connections with important stakeholders and cross-functional teams.

Qualifications requisite

  • a bachelor’s degree in business, computer science, or a related discipline

Preferred Requirements

  • demonstrated aptitude for utilizing analytics and optimization tools to guide product selection and planning (4 years)
  • demonstrated aptitude for collaborating with engineering and design to produce features that are customer-facing (4 years)
  • Experience working with a range of stakeholders in a fast-paced, changing environment to establish roadmaps, priorities, features, story outlines, write user stories, refine product backlogs, and coordinate and prioritize competing requirements (4 years)
  • 4+ years of expertise in the sector in a technological setting, with a track record of delivering complicated products.
  • the capacity to use data analysis to support product decisions and apply critical lessons
  • Possibility of successfully utilizing knowledge of business concepts and practices in cross-functional projects and activities
  • strong communication abilities both in writing and speaking
  • Within a recognized skill set, communications abilities to affect outcomes
  • the capacity to juggle competing demands and adhere to deadlines
  • strong familiarity with agile development techniques, practices, and tools
  • technical expertise in contact center and service technologies
  • Knowledge of agile/scrum methodology, user-centered design, and the ability to work with a project management office (PMO) or scrum master to identify problems and provide support as needed for product lifecycle