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Marketing Manager – Crypto Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
$30 - $50 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Marketing Manager from home
Location: Georgia work from home
Company: UMA

We are seeking a marketing manager who is interested in developing, expanding, and reshaping UMA’s mindshare. This person leverages their enthusiasm for DeFi and the web3 philosophy to encourage and inspire others to take an active role in the ecosystem. Running the protocol’s communications to the larger Web3 area and rallying the community to support you in the same mission will be your dual responsibility. The development of the DAO structure that supports the protocol is a component of uniting the community.

Sharp and meticulous attention to detail are essential qualities for the chosen individual. You should be able to accurately describe the UMA’s infrastructure and comprehend it.


  • Establish a character for UMA that inspires confidence in the oracle in user communications. Work with engineers to explain complicated concepts in ways that may be understood by various audience segments. Teach current users and the larger addressable market about new and existing features.
  • Co-marketing: By organizing and managing co-marketing initiatives, you will assist the growth team in strengthening our ties to other projects. These campaigns will range from straightforward Twitter space events to multi-step incentive schemes that demand user participation.
  • Audience for Grow Across: Aim for ambitious audience expansion and space-wide participation. Although not everyone will join our group, everyone ought to be aware of us.
  • Collaborate: Seeing that our product and its communications are connected, work together with your product team to agree on and implement growth initiatives.
  • Keep up with current trends in both Crypto Twitter and Web3 development as a whole, to the extent that doing so can help you meet your mindshare KPIs.


  • Experience in marketing, community management, social media, DAO leadership, etc. with at least two years of relevant experience
  • Promote an inclusive, kind, and kind community atmosphere. Good EQ
  • Ability to communicate complicated ideas to varied audiences by drawing on your in-depth knowledge of DeFi, blockchain, and oracles
  • Knowledgeable about Twitter, Discourse, and other forums.
  • Good communication abilities both in writing and speaking; fluency in various languages is obviously a plus


  • Pay packages at UMA include competitive salary and worthwhile token choices. The salary range for this position is $50–100k USD, and as you participate in the expanding ecosystem, your token allocation may increase in line with your vote rewards.
  • Philosophy for a culture that demonstrates concern Take time off as needed for family obligations, personal growth, and training, to mention a few. All work can be done remotely, so you can choose the kind of workplace that makes you happiest.