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Financial Manager – Remote Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
$80 - $90 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Financial Manager from home
Location: Arizona work from home
Company: Allstate Insurance Company

Position Description:

The Senior Manager of People Analytics Consulting and Advanced Analytics will operate as the Practice Leader for the People Analytics-supported Talent Lifecycle and Diversity & Inclusion portfolios. They are in charge of offering analytical leadership and strategic thought partnership. In order to clarify murky business difficulties, they build and use structured, hypothesis-driven problem-solving methodologies. They then conduct critical analysis and apply creative thinking to these concerns. It is expected of this person to pursue their own work with a strong understanding of the subject matter and to work cooperatively with others on the People Analytics team.


  • Builds relationships with senior executives across the company to comprehend the organization, business goals, and the justifications behind them; explains the connections between business goals, organizational practices, and the areas where people analytics may make a difference.
  • Utilizes data and analytics to inform plans and strategies that help businesses achieve their goals and solve their problems in order to implement strategic change. This is done by forming connections with senior executives and HR business partners and having the capacity to match strategic and operational priorities with data and insights.
  • In particular, leveraging core analytics methodologies including framing the problem, scoping the task and delivery process, answer/hypothesis creation, design of studies, and KPI building, leads individual analytics initiatives to define winning strategies and business models around innovation prospects.
  • successfully communicates in difficult and complex circumstances. efficiently communicates complex analytical information and insights. during oral presentations, evaluates the audience and, when appropriate, quickly adapts messaging to have the biggest impact.
  • builds EVP-level trust by demonstrating knowledge of and understanding for the organization, industry, and demands of the client. able to persuade others based on respect they have gained and their expertise
  • enables an analytics-driven, data-driven culture across HR by collaborating with internal and external partners on a strategy that supports Allstate’s analytics-driven culture.

Job Requirements

  • a bachelor’s degree with a noteworthy academic record
  • ten or more years of relevant experience, preferably in human resources, corporate strategy, finance, people analytics, or a closely connected field