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Data Analyst – Aston Carter Remote Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
New York
$98 - $100 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Data Analyst from home
Location: New York work from home
Company: Aston Carter


• The everyday practice of data reconciliation for the Mantas system.

• The everyday practice of data reconciliation for the Fircosoft system.

• The everyday practice of data reconciliation for the BAM system.

• Control access to the system by working with IT.

• Setting up system attributes as a stage in managing access rights for the Mantas system.

• As part of a monthly routine, keep a consultant list.

• Keep track of all systems’ minor system troubleshoot logs.

• Conduct catastrophe recovery drills on a yearly basis.

• Make a habit of checking the Mantas system’s batch process results every day.

• Make a habit of checking the results of the Fircosoft system’s batch processing.

• Check the results of the batch procedure for the BAM system every day.

Additional obligations

• Examine and evaluate any comments and suggestions from a test, internal audit, or outside initiatives.

• Implement corrective measures in response to feedback and suggestions from an examination, internal audit, and/or outside initiatives.

• Encourage the model’s validation.

• Encourage the Part 504 certification procedure.

• Encourage the BSA risk analysis.

• Internal audit, including tech support, data/document provision, and support examination (FDIC/DFS).

• Assist third-party vendors with technical tasks like environment setup and data provision.

• Update the Fircosoft system’s internal list.

• Tune the Fircosoft system for OFAC.

• Tune the Mantas system using TM.

• Change the KYC model for the Mantas system.

• Keep the Mantas system’s financial information configuration current.

• Monitor and fix system problems across all systems.

• Create and carry out projects to improve all systems.

• Handle End-of-Service / System Version Update.

• Data-driven analysis and report delivery to users across all platforms.

• Create and update reports for the Mantas system’s Analytics module.

• Keep technical references, manuals, and business requirements materials up to date.

• Routinely scheduled meetings with Oracle support (SR) for the Mantas system.

• Examine and assess Oracle’s periodic patches for the Mantas system.

• When applying fixes to the Mantas system, analyze the effect on the customizations.

• Create a customized patch whenever a patch affects the Mantas system’s current environment.

• Create, test, and implement fixes to fix problems with the Mantas system.

• Draft papers for all systems’ system upgrades, patches, and tuning.

• Giving data and/or its analysis to all systems for BAU and improvement.


Skills: model validation, mantas, data quality, and sql


• 5+ years of database management and data analysis experience

• Three or more years of experience with BSA Compliance (in data analysis/model validation).

• Experience with Model Validation

• Mantas: testing, tuning, and experience validation