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Customer Service Representative – Aston Carter Remote Jobs

Posted 2 years ago
$15 - $16 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Customer Service Representative from home
Location: Michigan work from home
Company: Aston Carter

Date of Start: 2/8

A three to four week training course in insurance servicing

will receive complete on-site training for at least the first three to four weeks. They might be able to resume a hybrid schedule after this. The timetable is 2 days on-site and 3 days remote if hybrid.

For the first four weeks, the training schedule runs from 9:30 to 6 p.m.

10:30am to 7pm: Insurance Servicing shift


  • Depending on how long each contact is, between 50 and 80 inbound calls will be handled daily, sometimes more and sometimes less.
  • This person will be in charge of answering incoming calls with mortgage-related inquiries.
  • Will field inquiries from insurance brokers, financial institutions, and borrowers.
  • They will answer calls on the insurance lines while they are not answering calls on the mortgage lines.
  • The candidates will eventually receive cross-training to manage all calls.
  • Homeowners insurance will be the topic of the insurance queries, which will come from customers, insurance professionals, and financial organizations.
  • The CSR needs to be able to switch between multiple systems while conducting research and recording phone calls.
  • The CSR must react promptly and precisely to make sure that both our internal and external requirements are consistently met.
  • The ability to handle all calls in a professional manner as well as problem solving and problem resolution abilities are necessary.
  • Making outbound calls is frequently necessary.


Skills: Call center, customer service, data entry, mortgage insurance, contact center, call center, data entry, inbound call

Top Skills Information: Call center, customer service, data entry, mortgage insurance, contact center, call center, data entry, inbound call

Additional abilities & credentials:

Must possess

  • At least six months to a year of experience working in customer service (call center experience is preferred, but will consider retail candidates)
  • Adept at handling the Windows PC operating system and its software (super easy to learn)
  • Typing speed: 35 WPM minimum
  • Effective writing and vocal communication abilities (will be on the phone all day and be required to follow up via email in some instances)
  • An online link It will be necessary to work and train remotely during COVID-19.
  • Dependable transportation (must return to work once COVID-19 limitations are lifted).


  • 2+ years of experience working in call centers
  • Experience with mortgages or insurance


  • There is no internet connection.
  • unable to perform office duties
  • A lack of communication abilities