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Customer Service Manager – American Airlines Remote Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
$30 - $40 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Customer Service Manager from home
Location: Seattle work from home
Company: American Airlines

Are you prepared to discover a world of opportunities, both at work and on your downtime? You will experience global travel, expand your knowledge, and develop into the best version of yourself if you join our American Airlines family. You’ll meet obstacles head-on while setting out on a new adventure, developing new talents and furthering your profession while enjoying the time of your life. Join us and feel free to improve both your personal and professional lives!

Reasons to love this job

  • The Customer Experience Division’s Hubs & Gateways or Stations Team is where this position is located.
  • Responsible for inspiring, motivating, coaching, and developing members of the front-line team to ensure a high performing organization.
  • Additionally accountable for assisting their teams’ efforts to build a secure business and provide a superior client experience.


  • Stimulates operational excellence
  • Creates a culture that values our frontline team members and honors team accomplishments
  • Ensures that the airport team works safely, effectively, and in accordance with all applicable federal, state, and municipal laws, as well as those of the DOT, FAA, and other governmental bodies.
  • Gives the frontline personnel the best support possible using a number of methods so that they may provide great customer service.
  • Frontline team members are coached and mentored in the development of skills, improvement of customer service, and business culture behaviors.
  • Encourages frontline team members to treat one another with respect and trust
  • Fostering connections that are productive with both internal and external clientele and that are based on compassion, sincerity, integrity, respect, and dignity
  • Gives the team the guidance and suitable framework of support while utilizing efficient resources to enable them to produce high performance.
  • Evaluates operational circumstances and environment to ensure that corporate and local scorecard metrics are satisfied through coordination between departments and levels
  • The capacity to put in longer hours when necessary for operations
  • Able to work a variety of shifts, including shifts on weekends, holidays, and off days


Minimum requirements include education and previous work experience.

  • GED equivalent or high school diploma as preferred qualifications for education and prior employment
  • 2 years of prior leadership experience in airport customer service
  • Understanding of business policies, procedures, and practical automation software

Knowledge, Permits, and Certifications

  • Possibility of maximizing worker performance through proactive employee involvement and support for a diverse workplace
  • Ability to actively listen, which involves paying close attention to what others are saying, taking the time to understand their arguments, and asking relevant questions as needed
  • Utilizing logic and reasoning to evaluate the merits and drawbacks of potential solutions, conclusions, or methods for solving issues
  • Ability to evaluate one’s own performance, that of others in the team, and that of the operation in order to make improvements or take corrective action

Powerful decision-making abilities

  • Ability to operate both alone and collaboratively in challenging operating environments
  • The capacity to prioritize tasks and carry them out precisely and quickly
  • Ability to manage disputes with internal and external consumers using good business judgment
  • Ability to plan station activities and work with several departments and organizations to meet requirements for a safe, effective, and on-time operation
  • Having familiarity with Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.
  • possesses USPS authorization or the capacity to seek USPS authorization. A five-year United States residency restriction is imposed by USPS.

You’ll receive

Please feel free to benefit from everything American Airlines has to offer:

  • Benefits of Travel: Are you eager to see the world? With our extensive global network, you, your family, and friends may travel to 365 destinations every day on more than 6,800 flights.
  • Health Advantages: You’ll have immediate access to your health, dental, prescription, and vision coverage to support your continued good health. And that’s only the beginning; we also provide flexible spending accounts, virtual doctor appointments, and more.
  • Wellness initiatives: Our wellness programs give you all the necessary tools, resources, and support because we want you to be the best version of yourself.
  • The 401(k) Plan: Available at the time of hire and, based on the workgroup, after one year, employer contributions to your 401(k) program.
  • Additional Benefits: We also provide discounts on hotels, vehicles, cruises, and more, as well as our Employee Assistance Program, pet insurance, and other wonderful benefits.
  • You may be who you are at American.
  • Inclusion and diversity are the cornerstones of American Airlines’ dynamic workforce, from the team members we hire to the clients we serve. Our 20+ Employee Business Resource Groups are dedicated to helping our team members reach their full potential, establishing an inclusive workplace to meet and exceed the demands of our varied global community, and connecting our team members to our customers, suppliers, communities, and shareholders.

Are you prepared to contribute to the seamless operation of the largest airline in the world as we look after people as they travel through life and experience a great deal of pride and happiness in doing so? You may be who you are at American.