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Customer Service – Apple Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
$40 - $50 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Customer Service from home
Location: California work from home
Company: Apple

Position Description:

As a Manager, you are accountable for motivating your staff to provide consumers with ownership possibilities on the sales floor. In other words, you oversee the talent that provides technical assistance and training while collaborating with the business team. You also manage operations like as inventory and visual merchandising behind the scenes. You actively construct your teams by hiring, training, and growing team members in all of these and other areas. Maintaining Apple’s simplicity is a difficult task, and you make it appear simple.

Important Qualifications

  • Demonstrated ability to grow teams to provide exceptional customer experiences and results.
  • Expertise handling numerous commitments to customers, personnel, and operations tactfully.
  • In a continuously changing retail environment, the ability to react to problems while keeping calm is essential.

Additional Conditions

  • You have at least five years of customer-facing sales experience and have exhibited leadership skills.
  • Inter-industry experience is preferred.
  • You are enthusiastic about learning about Apple technology and products, and you are multilingual.
  • Your schedule will need to be flexible. Your working hours will be determined by the demands of the company.