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Customer Service – American Airlines Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
$30 - $40 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Customer Service from home
Location: Texas work from home
Company: American Airlines

Position Description:

Are you ready to discover a world of possibilities, both at work and in your spare time? Joining our American Airlines family will allow you to travel the world, expand your knowledge, and become the best version of yourself. You’ll face challenges with flexibility and elegance as you start on a new adventure, gaining new skills and advancing your career while having the time of your life. Feel free to enrich both your personal and professional life by jumping on board!

What you intend to do

  • Encourages operational excellence
  • Creates an environment that values our frontline team members and recognizes team accomplishments.
  • Leads the airport team in performing their duties in a safe and efficient manner while adhering to federal, state, and local rules such as DOT, FAA, and other government agencies.
  • Offers great support to the frontline personnel through a variety of techniques so that they may provide superior customer service.
  • Frontline team members are coached and mentored in skill development, customer service enhancement, and business cultural behaviors.
  • Encourages frontline team members to appreciate and trust one another.
  • Creates and maintains effective relationships with external and internal customers that inspire compassion, authenticity, integrity, respect, and dignity.
  • Direction and adequate support structure are provided using effective resources to enable the team to deliver high performance.
  • Assesses the operating environment and conditions to guarantee that corporate and local scorecard metrics are satisfied through cross-departmental and level collaboration.
  • Ability to work beyond hours as operational needs arise
  • Capability to perform alternate shifts on weekends, holidays, and days off

Everything you’ll need to succeed

  • Education and prior job experience are required as minimum qualifications.
  • Prior customer service experience at an airport
  • 2 years of leadership experience
  • Understanding of company regulations and procedures, as well as functional automation applications

Qualifications, Licenses, and Certifications

  • Capability to bring out the best in employees through proactive employee engagement and support for an inclusive workplace
  • Ability to actively listen – paying full attention to what others are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, and asking relevant questions
  • Critical thinking ability is using logic and reasoning to recognize the advantages and disadvantages of various solutions, conclusions, or approaches to problems.
  • Capability to monitor and appraise one’s own, team members’, and operation’s performance in order to improve or take remedial action.
  • Excellent decision-making abilities
  • Ability to operate both individually and collaboratively Ability to work under stressful operational conditions
  • Ability to prioritize and execute with haste and precision
  • Ability to manage issues with internal and external customers using solid business judgment
  • Capability to coordinate station activities and interact with multi-functional departments and agencies to ensure critical needs are fulfilled for a safe, efficient, and on-time operation
  • Knowledge with Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook is required.
  • Has or has the ability to receive Postal clearance. USPS requires a five-year residency in the United States.