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Claims Analyst – CVS Remote Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
$20 - $40 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Claims Analyst from home
Location: Colorado work from home
Company: CVS Health

As a claims analyst, your duties include examining provided paperwork, making outbound calls to gather needed data, and processing Medicare Part D claims in accordance with CMS guidelines. A systematic attention to detail, sharp analytical reasoning, and the capacity for multitasking in a production-based and time-constrained workplace are requirements for this position.

In addition, the Claims Analyst should be able to: – Resolve issues using documented policies and procedures


  • Able to adhere to production, quality, and performance standards as well as timelines and expectations.
  • Have outstanding analytical skills. You must be able to control a personal claims inventory with a range of deadlines, complications, and urgencies.
    You will serve as a liaison to internal partners, thus you must be able to work well in a team atmosphere.
  • In a busy atmosphere, you must be able to work independently and define your own priorities.

Pay Scale

The usual pay scale for this position is as follows: 40,560 minimum; 83,400 maximum

Please remember that this range represents the salary range for every position in the job grade that this position belongs to. The location is just one of several variables that will be considered when determining the actual compensation offer.


  • Good verbal and written communication skills; at least three years of work experience demonstrating a rising trend in responsibility and accountabilit
  • Extensive functional knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite products

Recommended Requirements

  • 2+ years of professional job experience, 2+ years of total experience working with Medicare Part D or in a PBM environment, and 2+ years of experience processing claims. Work that necessitates a specific level of education, ability, or training and requires less supervision than the norm is referred to as professional work experience.
  • Salesforce knowledge or prior experience is preferable
  • Comprehension of CMS Guidelines


  • GED or a high school diploma is required.
  • Preferred is a bachelor’s degree