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Blockchain Developer – Crypto Jobs

Posted 1 year ago
$70 - $80 per hour

Job Description

Job Type: Blockchain Developer from home
Location: California work from home
Company: Offchain Labs

Offchain Labs is making a set of solutions for scaling Ethereum. This includes Arbitrum, an Optimistic Rollup that instantly scales apps, lowering costs and increasing capacity without sacrificing Ethereum’s security. It’s easy to move contracts to Arbitrum because it works with the languages and tools that Ethereum developers are already using.

Our team is very driven and works hard to close the gap between what blockchain is and what it can be. We try to keep an environment that encourages new ideas and collaboration by doing research and having deep conversations. After getting $3.8 million in seed funding in January 2019, $20 million in series A funding in 2020, and $100 million in series B funding in 2021, we are ready to hire more people who want to work in the blockchain space and have a knack for solving problems in unusual ways.


  • Great understanding of how the Ethereum Network’s blockchain is being built.
  • Having knowledge of solidity and other Web3 technologies
  • Have a strong sense of ownership over your work. This will push you to find better and faster ways to do things.
  • Always up to date on the latest tech
  • Constantly looking for new and creative ways to solve hard problems by experimenting a lot
  • Your style of communication is open, honest, and straight to the point, and you always work closely with your team.
  • Always be open to feedback, new ideas, and ways to improve yourself.
  • You look for ways to help people outside of what you do every day.

What you’ve done:

  • Have played around with, learned about, or worked with blockchain technology
  • Wanting to bring cutting-edge research into the real world and help build a platform for the next generation of cryptocurrency applications
  • Security-conscious and always on the lookout for possible threats and holes in your code.
  • Mastered the basics of computer science, either at a university or on their own.

We know that it takes a group of smart, passionate, curious, and creative people from different backgrounds to solve the problems that come up when developing and improving Arbitrum. Our team is full of interesting ideas, just like we know you do. We are very proud to be a place of work where everyone has the same chances.